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JAPAN PRODUCTS: Business Directory of Japanese Companies » Batteries http://japan-product.com Japan-Product.com is a business directory which globally promotes high quality Japanese products and services for BtoB, BtoC and BtoG marketplaces. Our mission is to support and coordinate global directory services for medium to small Japanese companies. Wed, 09 Oct 2019 14:40:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.5.1 Batteries Manufacturer – GS Yuasa Corporation http://japan-product.com/ads/gs-yuasa/ http://japan-product.com/ads/gs-yuasa/#comments Fri, 29 Sep 2017 18:34:53 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=16245 GS Yuasa Corporation was established in 2004 by the merger of Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd and YUASA Battery. GS Yuasa develops and manufactures batteries and power supply systems for a wide range of special applications. The company’s high-performance, high-quality batteries are installed in sea, land, and aerospace environments, from depths of 6,500 meters below the ocean surface to 36,000 kilometers in space.

The GS Yuasa Group, which started with the lead-acid battery business, will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2017. At present, Their businesses include batteries, power supply systems, lighting equipment, specialty equipment, and other electrical devices.

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Manufacturing Aerospace Batteries – GS Yuasa Technology, LTD (GYT) http://japan-product.com/ads/gs-yuasa-technology/ http://japan-product.com/ads/gs-yuasa-technology/#comments Thu, 29 Sep 2016 18:40:39 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=16252 GS Yuasa Technology is a subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation located in Kyoto, Japan. GYT designs and manufacturers large format lithium ion cells for aerospace and specialty applications.

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Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC) – Manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries for automotive http://japan-product.com/ads/automotive-energy-supply-corp/ http://japan-product.com/ads/automotive-energy-supply-corp/#comments Sun, 21 Sep 2014 07:57:29 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=8299 AESC is a manufacturer of high performance lithium-ion batteries for automotive applications, which was founded on April 19, 2007 as a joint venture between Nissan and the NEC Group. AESC started mass producing lithium-ion batteries for the “Nissan Infiniti M Hybrid” in October 2010 and for the “Nissan Leaf”, a 100% electric vehicle, in November of that same year.

Moreover, mass production technology cultivated by AESC has been introduced in Nissan plants in England and the United States where lithium-ion batteries designed and developed by AESC are now being produced using expertise from AESC. AESC is the world’s largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for automotive applications and fulfills the role of a mother plant that dispatches cutting-edge technology from Japan to the rest of the world.

Our Technology
AESC inherited the results of R&D conducted by both Nissan and the NEC Group and has reached the stage of real world applications with our batteries now being used in mass production vehicles. With these results, we have established a foundation of mass production capabilities and products that exhibit not only cost performance but also performance and quality that are backed by the safety performance that is essential for automotive applications. With this foundation, AESC will continue to endeavor to provide advanced lithium-ion battery products to a wide range of customers around the world.

  • Batteries for automotive applications require a balance between advanced safety, performance, and cost, so the ideal manganese-based cathode material that satisīŦes this requirement is adopted.

    AESC utilizes lithium manganate as the cathode material. Some benefits of lithium manganate include (1) the fact that it demonstrates superior safety performance with a crystalline structure that does not change even in an overcharged stated, and (2) the fact that manganese reserves are abundant, and the market price is stably maintained at a low level.

  • A laminated cell shape that enables both excellent heat dissipation and a lighter weight, more compact design.

    AESC’s cell is a sheet shaped cell that is sealed by a laminate film. Because of the broad surface area, the cells demonstrate excellent heat dissipation, and because of their simple, compact structure, the cells provide a high degree of design freedom to accommodate loading the batteries into a vehicle.

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