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Fuji Oil is a full service manufacturer, having factories, Research & Development, Sales offices, Associate and Distributors located in Japan(Headquarters), USA, Europe, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Its manufacturing products include, Oil & Fats, Specialty fats, Bakery Fats, Topping Cream, Emulsifier Industrial Chocolate, Soya Protein, Vegetable Cheese etc.

About Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.
Since its establishment in 1950, Fuji Oil has been constantly developing new food products based on oils and fats as well as soy proteins. Our craftsmanship and sophisticated technology made it possible for us to provide the world with various unique products.

However, the value of our products has substantially changed through historical events over the decades. Now, the diversity of people’s lifestyles has sizable impact on the expected quality of our products.

Fuji Oil Group is a developer, manufacturer, and vendor of various food products.The Group continually strives to offer delicious and delightful solutions for a healthy and balanced diet.

  • Oils & Fats, Processed Foods
    Oils & Fats:
    Hard butters for chocolate, Confectionery oils and fats, Fats for frying and spraying, Fats for frozen confections, Fats for whipping cream, Emulsified fats, Powdered fats, Fats for lubricants and mold release agents


    Emulsified & Fermented Foods:
    Whipping cream products, Margarines and shortenings, Fermented flavor ingredients, Fillings, Ingredients for baking dough

    Food Ingredients:
    Frozen pie and cookie dough, Cooking ingredients

  • Soy Protein, Processed Foods
    Protein & Food Ingredients:
    Soy protein, Soy milk, Soy peptides, Water-soluble soy polysaccharides, Soy protein soluble in an acidic pH range, Soy isoflavone and other products

    Soy Protein Foods:
    Soy protein food products

Research & Development
We have built an R&D structure with an organic unity of basic research, product development, and applications development. While creating the seeds of new technology, we are also maximizing our accumulated technology and expertise to create ingredients and products embodying new value.


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