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Among these institutes, National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS) is a world-leading radiological research institute with outstanding research levels and facilities, and it is mainly engaged in R&D into innovative medical use of radiation and research into the impact of radiation and radiation medicine. NIRS was established in 1957 as the Japan’s only one institute of radiology, has been driving force for the advancement of radiation science in decades. It is headed by President Toshio Hirano.

How to watch YouTube video with translated caption

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ABLIC Inc. – Semiconductor Manufacturer http://japan-product.com/ads/ablic-inc/ http://japan-product.com/ads/ablic-inc/#comments Fri, 10 Aug 2018 07:21:44 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=20757 ABLIC Inc. (formerly SII Semiconductor Corporation) is a maker of analog semiconductors. The company provides power management ICs, memory chips, sensors, timer ICs/ASSPs, amplifiers, and automotive ICs; and ultrasound digital/linear transmit pulsers, high-voltage analog switches, and automotive LDO regulators.

They began in-house development and fabrication of CMOS ICs in 1970, based on the production of the world’s first practical quartz watches in which CMOS ICs were incorporated. They manufacture small, low-power consumption, and high-precision analog semiconductor products for a wide range of consumer electronics, mobile devices, automotive, and Healthcare devices.

The company was opreated in 2016 and is based in Chiba-shi, Japan. ABLIC Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments Inc., and the Development Bank of Japan is their largest shareholder.

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Kisarazu Washington Hotel http://japan-product.com/ads/kisarazu-washington-hotel/ http://japan-product.com/ads/kisarazu-washington-hotel/#comments Wed, 01 Nov 2017 07:00:15 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=16789 Kisarazu Washington Hotel opened in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture on October 28, 2017. The hotel will be the 26th and newest property in the Fujita Kanko‘s Washington Hotel brand, a collection of modestly-priced, simple yet functional hotels located in key destinations throughout Japan.

Kisarazu, a port city located on the Boso Peninsula east of Tokyo on Tokyo Bay, boasts easy access to key locations around Tokyo via the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, a bridge-tunnel connecting Kisarazu and Tokyo-neighboring Kawasaki. This route provides fast access to Haneda airport (approximately 30-minute drive), and Tokyo’s city center (approximately 50-minute or longer drive). Public transportation also connects Kisarazu with these gateway destinations, as well as with popular leisure spots all over the Boso Peninsula, such as the 41-mile long Kujukuri Beach and others offering scenic beauty and seasonal activities surrounded by nature.

“Our Washington Hotel brand stands for affordable comfort and convenience,” said Akira Segawa, President and CEO of Fujita Kanko. “Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Washington Hotels are situated in prime locations, and Kisarazu is a perfect addition to our current roster. Although somewhat under-rated, Chiba is a popular leisure destination for Japanese, and we want to help international visitors discover it.”

The 146-room hotel is conveniently located only one minute from the Kisarazu Japan Railway (JR) station. All guest rooms feature separate toilets/bathrooms for additional comfort. The hotel facilities include a banquet room and a restaurant featuring an open kitchen that serves dishes prepared with fresh local produce and seafood from Chiba. Rack rates are 12,960 yen for single rooms and 16,200 yen for double rooms.

Check the rooms and rates, and make a reservation!

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Mobile application developer and data analyzer – Fuller, Inc. http://japan-product.com/ads/fuller-inc/ http://japan-product.com/ads/fuller-inc/#comments Mon, 23 Oct 2017 22:13:15 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=16650 Fuller, Inc. is a smartphone application and data analytics services provider and is based in Kashiwa city, Japan. Fuller is founded in 2011 by the appointee of Forbes’s 30 Under 30 Asia 2016, Shuta Shibuya, specializing in mobile app service and technology. Fuller’s main leading service is “App Ape”, an Asian market focused mobile app analytics platform. Fuller has built a partnership with the mobile data intelligence company based in San Francisco, “Mobile Action”.

About App Ape

App Ape Analytics is a mobile app analytics service that allows app developers to conduct market survey and research; and App Ape Console, a mobile app analytics tool that connects Google Analytics to manage all necessary indicators for analyzing clients’ apps on a dashboard.

Business Lines

  • Mobile App Analytics Service
  • Developing Business Application for Mobile Devices
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I-Medex Co., Ltd. – Manufacturing of bioelectrode products such as holter monitor electrodes http://japan-product.com/ads/imedex/ http://japan-product.com/ads/imedex/#comments Mon, 13 Feb 2017 19:59:08 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=12887 I-Medex Co., Ltd. has over 25 years of experience and business results that continued to make a bioelectrode for medical. We have designing know-how of other companies don’t have it. We have material knowledge on developing a bioelectrode.

I-Medex is Japan’s only manufacturer involved with both bioelectrode pads and conductive gels for ECG (Electrocardiogram). Its business ranges from OEM supply for large manufacturers of medical instruments, to products under its own brand.

About ECG:
In ECG tests, electrodes attached to the body are used to detect electric signals produced by heart contractions, and an electrocardiograph displays them as a waveform.

Medical Products

We have over 25 years of experience and business results that continued to make a bioelectrode for medical, and we have designing know-how of other companies don’t have it. We have material knowledge on developing a bioelectrode.

Reduce Measurement Noise
We realized a drastic reduction in electrode noise that bothered diagnostic doctors. It greatly contributes to doctor’s accurate diagnosis. Our noise reduction know-how is expected to be utilized in the healthcare field such as home and fitness studio.

Click to enlarge

Holter Monitor Electrodes

Electrode section is integrated to the cable portion. It is very comfortable for skin and cable materials give you good fit when applied.

Health Care Products

I-MEDEX is working on the medical device development to be use with more people
that not only Medical institutions can utilize for stability and growth of Healthcare industry. It’s expected to be used in various fields by using this vital electrode. That usage scenes is very vast, the health support in the field of sport such as fitness, in addition to the health care at the home by combination of smartphone as IT technology advances, the field of entertainment such as video game integrated type sensor.

We can utilize the technology we cultivated in the medical field also in the field of health care and sports. We developed electrode pads using our own adhesive technology that makes it easy to use by yourself and hard to peel even during intense exercise such as sports.

Electrode pad for wearable biosensor (Single induction type)

It’s simple design allows you to apply them by yourself easily. It has noise-shielding function, also used for medical use. OEM specification is also available.

Electrode Gel Products

Adhesive strength can be controlled. The product also have developed so you feel less itch and your skin doesn’t get irritated.
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Chef Meat Chigusa Co., Ltd. – Japanese High Quality Meat Products http://japan-product.com/ads/chef-meat-chigusa-co-ltd/ http://japan-product.com/ads/chef-meat-chigusa-co-ltd/#comments Thu, 26 Feb 2015 03:59:04 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=9146 Chef Meat Chigusa marked its milestone of 50 years of business foundation. The company has been widely recognized as the prestigious distributor of more than 300 types of high quality and safe meat to the market.

On the basic of enhancing the relationship between Vietnam and Japan, Chef Meat Chigusa established its Vietnam based subsidiary, which is Chef Meat Vietnam JSC. Placing its production base in Da Nang, by using fresh materials from this sea city and modern production line transferred from Japan, the company is in charge or producing various types of sausages, bacon and distributing Wagyu(Japanese cow).

Having strong commitments to following its business principle of bringing meals filled with joyful smile, the company makes endless effort to make contributions to human beings and society.

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AGC Engineering Co., Ltd. – Chemical, Environmental and Anti-Pollution Plant Construction Services http://japan-product.com/ads/agc-engineering-co-ltd/ http://japan-product.com/ads/agc-engineering-co-ltd/#comments Wed, 02 Apr 2014 02:07:48 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=3987 We possess many technologies and has built up a track record of abundant achievements in a wide range of industrial fields among Asahi Glass Group first and others also. These include the manufacture and installation of equipment and systems, plant construction and maintenance services in both domestic and overseas markets. We are making effective use of these technologies and achievements in advanced and specific industrial fields.
On the basis of its proven technologies cultivated during past years, We are further stepping forward to development of new applications of its unique technologies for ion-exchange membranes and precision devices to meet need of the market today.

  • Chemical Plants, from construction to maintenance
    Chemical plants construction (grass roots and expansion).
    Maintenance Services:
    Periodical and routine maintenance services for chemical plants and its facilities.

  • Environmental and Anti-Pollution Plants/Equipment
    Design, manufacturing, supply, installation, maintenance and supervisory services.

  • Industrial Containers, such as pressure vessels, autoclaves, heat exchangers, towers, filters, and tanks.
    Design, manufacturing, supply, installation, maintenance and supervisory services.

  • Manufacturing and supply of a membrane type gas dryer
  • Anti-Corrosion Systems for Structures with new materials and technologies
  • High-functional industrial products
    Manufacturing and supply

  • Manufacturing and engineering of chemical plant by the use of ion-exchange membranes “SELEMION”. from construction to maintenance.


  • Design, manufacture, installation, and supervision of environmental and anti-pollution plants
    Waste gas treatment plant and equipment for industrial waste incinerators Electrostatic precipitators.
    Water treatment plants: Household drainage treatment plants, Industrial wastewater treatment plants, Fume cleaning waste water treatment equipment, Leachate treatment plants, Water treatment plant and equipment

  • Manufacture of equipment for several kinds of industrial fields
    We has its in-house manufacturing facilities and technology for pressure vessels as well as for other industrial equipment. Further, We can offer its services for installation, commissioning and maintenance. Our abundant know-how and experiences together with its in-house facilities will be sure to meet your various needs in this field.

  • Advanced Technology Friendly to Enviroment:”sunsep” Membrane Type Gas Dryer
    Hollow Fiber membrane gas dryer “sunsep” utilizes a perfluor-carbon-cation exchange resin(FLEMIONTM), developed by Asahi Glass Company(AGC). Dry air below the atmospheric dew point -30°C(-22°F) can be easily obtained. Both water and air are precious for the earth, but humidity can cause problems. Compressed air by compressor will flow through piping with condition of relative humidity of 100%.

  • Ion Exchange Membrane: SELEMION
    SELEMION is The Pioneer in Ion Exchange Membrane. Selemion is able to dilute and concentrate ionic materials in solution. As a result, wastewater is purified, valuable materials are recovered and refined.

  • Remediation of VOCs in Soil Using Bioremediation
    We developed an unique product for bioremediation called “DehaloactivTM” which is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and is suitable for remediaton of VOCs in soil.

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ABI Co., Ltd. – Freezer machine for keeping tissue cells alive http://japan-product.com/ads/abi-co-ltd/ http://japan-product.com/ads/abi-co-ltd/#comments Sun, 30 Mar 2014 05:20:14 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=3960 ABI was established in 1989, developed innovative CAS freezing technology for long-term storage by keeping tissue cells alive. Norio Owada, ABI president, developed a freezing system with magnetic induction function with which he succeeded in freezing cream for the first time in the world. Further R&D studies continued and succeeded in inventing CAS which was an evolution in long-term preserving food products while keeping the taste of the thawed product as if it has just been harvested or produced.
Currently, we are manufacturing CAS which is applied not only in food industry but also in medical and dental field for organ transplantation and tissue engineering.

ABI’s Technology of Cells Alive System (CAS):
Water molecule clumping is prevented by feeble energies emitted by CAS to keep the original fresh structure intact.
Cells Alive System (CAS) is an innovative freezing technology that can keep cells membrane and tissues structure almost intact while freezing. When fresh materials are purchased and frozen by CAS, cells membrane break down is prevented and the pleasant fresh taste will be maintained. Click here for more details.


Click image to enlarge

  • Batch Type Quick Freezer
  • Rack Type Quick Freezer
  • Tunnel Type Quick Freezer
  • Spiral Type Quick Freezer
  • Harmonic Oscillating Function Food Stocker
  • Supermarket Showcase and Cold Warehouse

ABI’s Mission:
ABI continues challenging for materializing Prime Industry as fully attractive and vital industry. It is an important mission of ABI to protect consumers in Japan from the anxiety of future food crisis.
It has become possible to establish a business model to offer consumers to preserve seasonal fresh agriculture, fishery and cattle breeding products for a longer term and subsequently provide them with high-quality foods with fresh taste after thawing. This technology can further help them with reducing food waste regardless of any adverse influences of various environmental changes such as population increase, fluctuation of harvest, climate change, etc. CAS is a core technology to promote primary industry into sixth industry. The creation of real independent primary industry is not only to solve food problems but also industrial rejuvenation in marginal areas and isolated islands and providing job for young people. Since capable and energetic youngsters discuss the business plan using CAS with very keen interest, ABI will further challenge to develop technology required by next generation of prime industry such as “Freezing”, “Storage”, “Freshness keeping”, “Forced cultivation”, etc.

International Patents:
CAS is successfully installed not only throughout the Japan but also in other several countries seeking for developing the freezing system in their country.
CAS freezing technology obtained several international patents in following countries. CAS with an innovative exploration is precisely approved in those areas and that is the reason that we are able to introduce it to the world with confidence.
ABI currently has continuing corporation in several countries around the world. The countries such as : United States, Canada, Ireland, UK, Spain, France, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Mexico and China.

Awards and Recognition:

Click image to enlarge

ABI is proud to be recognized around the world for its innovation technology (CAS). It is our great honor to have Japanese and non-Japanese government officials in our company as visitors and receive several awards and recognition.
Forbes, American Business magazine, on its June 2008 issue reported about the CAS technology of ABI. In this issue Mr. Owada, president of ABI Corporation, was called “Mr. Freezer” because of his revolutionary innovation for freezing food after about 100 years since quick freezing system was invented by Birdseye.

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AEON Co., Ltd. http://japan-product.com/ads/aeon-co-ltd/ http://japan-product.com/ads/aeon-co-ltd/#comments Mon, 26 Aug 2013 05:05:40 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=15184 AEON Co., Ltd. operates general merchandise stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores throughout Japan. The Company is also engaged in women’s and casual clothing store business, development business of commercial property, and financing service through the subsidiaries.

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Precision System Science Co., Ltd. – Supporting Worldwide IVD Market http://japan-product.com/ads/precision-system-science-co-ltd-supporting-worldwide-ivd-market/ http://japan-product.com/ads/precision-system-science-co-ltd-supporting-worldwide-ivd-market/#comments Thu, 25 Jul 2013 21:54:37 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=2179 PSS is providing products with its original technologies to the world market through OEM partners

PSS is engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling of instruments and the related products used in so-called in-vitro (IVD) market including gene analysis, protein analysis, and immunoassay.

PSS manufactures systems that automate sample preparation process before gene, protein or immunological analysis; such as, fully automated DNA extractor, mainly based on the PSS’s patented “Magtration® technology” and it supplies those systems/instruments to worldwide market through OEM partners. Besides, PSS sells products under PSS brand.

PSS also produces the reagents and the plastic consumables used in these automated systems; furthermore, it develops and manufactures customized systems/instruments.

Furthermore, we had developed a multiplex analyzer by adopting PSS proprietary detection system “BIST®” and a full automatic system from extraction to detection/ analysis, as a development-oriented bioventure company.

Advantages of Magtration Technology

  • The mechanical structure can be considerably simple.
  • Extraction is completely automated, and an operation that takes 2 to 3 hours manually can be finished within 10 to 30 minutes.
  • As extraction process for a sample is carried out with a disposable tip, there is no concern about cross-contamination (sample mixing).
  • A solution in an extremely little amount of several μl (microliter, a millionth of 1 liter) can be processed.
  • The system can handle various extraction targets including DNAs, RNAs, mRNAs (Note 1) and plasmids (Note 2).
  • It is highly flexible in use, as it is operated with different reagent, by modifying reaction step.

Business Lines

  • Fully Automated DNA Extractor
    Manufacturing and sale of the Fully Automated DNA extractor, using an international patent, “Magtration® Technology” as core technology, is our main business.
    The Automated DNA extraction system, developed and produced by PSS, are distributed to global markets through OEM partners of world-scale medical and biotechnology companies such as ROCHE and QIAGEN groups. In addition to OEM products, PSS sells its brand products.
    As shown in PSS’s financial statements, the category includes not only DNA extraction system, but also immunochemical luminescence analyzer, supplied to Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation.

  • Maintenance, Spare Parts and Reagents
    PSS supplies maintenance of the systems sold and sells the spare parts (renewal parts). Development and manufacturing of the reagents and software for extraction/ purification systems are also included in the business category. PSS develops a unique reagent to collect bacteria effectively.

  • Customized Automation System
    PSS provides customized automation systems to research institutions and clinical testing centers while it conducts contracted research and development as ordered from governments and their affiliated organizations. Furthermore, PSS develops new models of systems in accordance with customer’s specific requirements.

  • Plastic Consumables
    With increase of the cumulative number of the instruments/ systems sold, the sales of dedicated plastic consumables such as tips and (reagent) cartridges that are consumed as disposables has increased. The PSS group is producing a part of the plastic consumables also in Europe.

  • Others
    Universal Bio Research Co., Ltd. (UBR), is engaged in development of strategic products for future growth of the PSS group under research and development contract with PSS. It seeks efficient development and firm commercialization through collaboration works between PSS group, which has accumulated automated technology, and external professional organizations. In addition, UBR, as a PSS group’s intellectual property management company, manages processing of patents and trademarks, which are indispensable for PSS growth in the world market.

    PSS Capital Co., Ltd., as a PSS group’s investment company, manages Bio-Content Fund and invests in venture companies aimed synergic effects to PSS group.

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