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About Yazaemon kiln
Yazaemon kiln was founded by Yazaemon Matsumoto in 1804 and has been producing Arita porcelain for over 200 years. Yazaemon kiln has successfully resumed the exporting of the traditional Imari ware, which had been halted since the Meiji era. Imari is the name of the gold decorated Arita-yaki pieces.

In recent years, our new “Gold Imari” pieces have been well received. Our kiln is also known in Japan for our production of museum quality tradition Imari pieces.

The current President is the 7th generation Yazaemon, Satoru Matsumoto. Yazaemon kiln has grown to become the largest producer of Arita porcelain. Our mission is to make Arita porcelain a world brand once again.

7th Generation Yazaemon: Satoru Matsumoto
The 7th Generation Yazaemon, Satoru Matsumoto, proudly introduces, “Arita Porcelain Lab” the new brand of the “Yazaemon Kiln”, which has 200 years of history specializing in the “IMARI” style, known for its lavish gold painted designs. The “IMARI” style is one of the traditional “ARITA Porcelain” forms which has been in production for 400 years. Matsumoto successfully combines the art and quality of its historic past with new designs, introducing simple and highly functional tableware pieces for everyday use.


Artistic Production:

  • Iroe-Takemon Dinner set (Facsimile edition)
    This series is based on one of Japan’s first French-style dinner tablewares produced under the guidance of the Arthur French Company of Boston. These tablewares were used in the Rokumei-kan, a guest house and reception hall built by the Meiji government to promote westernization, and also exported to western countries. These exports served to increase foreign currency reserves during the period.

  • Iroe Koyo (Autumn color of leaves) Seigai (Blue ocean) Ha (wave) mon dinner set
    This dinner set is the piece that the Seiji Company produced at its late period, when they introduced French ceramic producing machine in order for mass production and quality improvement. The son of the president, Tezuka Kamenosuke, Kuniichi might have flown to the United States due to the sluggish sales, did some market research, and worked on product development. The design was based on the traditional beauty with modern taste. It may be no exaggeration to say that this design was a pioneer of modern porcelain during this period. Depicting autumn color of leaves and coloring in a modern sense was quite realistic. For the exquisite design of Seigai Ha mon, they employed traditional outline technique. Dying of Hyoretsu (Broken ice) Baika (Plum flower) pattern symbolizes the Seiji Company’s enthusiasm.

  • Coffee cup
    The reproduction of Iroe Takemon / Iroe Koyou Seigai Hamon / Iroe Zuikaku (Lucky crane) Wakamatsu (Young pine) mon, and the original pieces based on the material such as painting patterns which is peculiar to Meiji Imari.

  • Tea cup
    The reproduction of Iroe Takemon / Iroe Koyou Seigai Hamon / Iroe Zuikaku (Lucky crane) Wakamatsu (Young pine) mon, and the original pieces based on the material such as painting patterns which is peculiar to Meiji Imari.

  • Ornament
    The reproductions – Iroe Madeshiko mon Futa(lid) mono / Iroe Akadami Cyou mon base plate (comport) / Iroe Shunjyu mon Shishi (Lion) small vase with ears / Iroe Inu (Dog) Koyo mon small vase / Iroe Ryusui (Flowing water) Ume (Plum) mon Sukasi (Watermark) Kikka (Chrysanthemum) small vase with ears (a pair)


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AQUAPASS Co., Ltd. – Ultrasonic cleaning machine for precision equipments http://japan-product.com/ads/aquapass-co-ltd/ http://japan-product.com/ads/aquapass-co-ltd/#comments Wed, 25 Jun 2014 12:20:09 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=6013 We are developing of cleaning machines for precision equipments such as Coated parts, Lithium ion battery cases, HDD component parts, SMT parts, IC packages, FPC boards, Glass plates, CCDs, and etc.

We can solve the problem with cleaning treatment of your products

  • High cost of wastewater treatment
  • Product quality and speed
  • High running cost of solvent

Our “AQUAPASS” is able to perform the cleaning by ultrasonic and water. AQUAPASS mainly works in the areas of PWB, IC packages, PDP panels, HDD parts, Automotive products, Lithium battery and so on.

  • It is the cleaning equipment with water only without solvents.
  • It realized the efficiency of direct cleaning method.
  • It can clean and dry with one-pass operation.

Strength of AQUAPASS

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
    The parts are transferred through the ultrasonic cleaning section by being held between the top and bottom net. In ultrasonic section, the cavitation caused by wave from the top and bottom, make important role in the process oil and particle cleanings. The cavitation power is proven in the finger print cleaning methods such as the use of Freon.

  • Drying
    The dry process has been said that it is the most difficult part in the water cleaning system. However, this equipment dries the parts completely without the problems caused by the traditional water cleaning equipment. The solution is the use of high pressure blow to blow off the water on the parts without drying, and the engineered nozzle, which made the high pressure blow possible. Furthermore, the electric power consumption fee will be one tenth of traditional dry system due to the use of high pressure below.

  • Water Recycle System
    DIW (deionized water) is used in the pre-shower and ultrasonic cleaning sections. The water is filtered 6 to 10 times in one hour, so the water’s cleanness is kept as the original level even in the continuous cleaning process. Therefore, there is no need to have additional water recycle unit.

Feature of AQUAPASS

  • Cleaning and drying with water and air
    We don’t use solvents, surfactants) low cost running and high safety.

  • Water recycle system
    It is a pollution free system.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning from the top and bottom
    Damage free and high efficiency

  • Instant dry with air blow
    Leaves no water marks

  • Net conveyor system
    Thin plate can be cleaned, small parts in tray or case can be put on conveyer as well.

We have delivered many type of cleaning machine

Our Suppliers

  • NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN Electronics Devices
  • SONY
  • TIBC Co., Ltd.
  • Nidec
  • Panasonic
  • Hitachi Maxell
  • Honda
  • Yamato Denki Ind. Co., Ltd.
  • TDK
  • Sumitomo Electric Printed Circuits
  • Tsukada Riken Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
  • Lock Minebea
  • HOYA
  • More than 400 suppliers
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SAGA HIMAT – Heavy Ion Cancer Treatment Center http://japan-product.com/ads/saga-himat-heavy-ion-cancer-treatment-center/ http://japan-product.com/ads/saga-himat-heavy-ion-cancer-treatment-center/#comments Thu, 23 May 2013 05:31:45 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=1529 SAGA HIMAT is the leading-edge cancer therapy facility using heavy ion beam.

Heavy Ion beam cancer radiotherapy
Heavy ion beam cancer radiotherapy is one type of radiotherapy.

Heavy Ion beam cancer radiotherapy is the leading-edge radiotherapy, precisely irradiating cancerous cells with carbon ions accelerated to about 60 – 80% of the speed of light.
In the conventional radiotherapy using X-ray or gamma ray, and the irradiation from the external surface of the body is aimed at the cancerous cells. On the surface of the body, the irradiation is extensive and the intensity decreases inwards, therefore causing insufficient damage to the cancerous cells deeply rooted inside the body. Furthermore, damage is caused to the surrounding healthy cells.

On the other hand, the characteristics of the heavy ion and proton are such that the irradiation intensities on the body surface are weak, but reach the final peak (Bragg Peak) at the cancerous cells. Thus it is possible to pinpoint the cancerous cells, causing considerable damage to the cancerous cells, and minimizing damage to healthy cells.
In terms of the concentrated intensities, heavy ion beam radiotherapy is superior to proton therapy, and since the destructive effect on the cancerous cells is 2 to 3 times more effective, the irradiation frequency is lessened, thus it is possible to shorten the therapy period.

The carbon ion is 12 times more massive than a proton. The more massive the accelerated particle, the greater destructive power it achieves.

Features of Heavy Ion beam cancer radiotherapy

  1. Pinpoint irradiation of cancerous cells.
    With heavy ion beams it is possible to concentrate the radiation dose very effectively, enabling pinpoint irradiation of cancerous cells. Therefore it is possible to destroy the cancerous cells deep inside the body while minimizing the damage to the healthy cells.

  2. No pain and minimal side effects
    The radiation dose is concentrated on the cancerous cells, minimizing damage to healthy cells, resulting in minimal side effects. In addition the treatment is free of pain, making it usable in the elderly or other patients with low strength reserves.

  3. Highly effective irradiation
    Compared to a proton, X-ray, gamma ray, or heavy ion beam has two to three times more destructive power, so that a single treatment is significantly more effective.

  4. Successful treatment of formerly difficult-to-treatment cancers
    This form of radiotherapy has been demonstrated to be effective on a variety of cancers resistant to conventional radiotherapy, and on cancers located in places where surgery is difficult.

  5. Short-duration, outpatient treatment possible

Effects of Heavy Ion Radiation

Effects of Heavy Ion Radiation
National Institute of Radiological Sciences (in Chiba city.) started clinical investigations on cancer therapy using heavy-ion radiation in June 1994. By the end of March 2010, more than 5,000 patients have been treated.
 Furthermore, Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Center began clinical investigations in 2002, and by the end of March 2009 more than 480 patients have been treated.

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Drying Machine for Wastewater Treatment – NISHIMURA WORKS Co., Ltd. http://japan-product.com/ads/drying-machine-for-wastewater-treatment-nishimura-works-co-ltd/ http://japan-product.com/ads/drying-machine-for-wastewater-treatment-nishimura-works-co-ltd/#comments Thu, 21 Feb 2013 21:34:55 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=1036 World-class original products, CD dryer, IB conveyor and various plants are currently issued 15 national patents, 2 international patents in 9 countries and 6 pending applications for national patent, which have export performances in 14 countries and gain a high reputation from home and overseas customers. Machines operating in the world are created in Saga Prefecture. For Japan, the world and the future, the seminal power of Nishimura Iron Works Co., Ltd. has contributed to the world.

CD DRYERS belong to the category of conductive heating dryers which indirectly heat and dry materials through conduction. Drum type dryers and cylinder dryers used at paper mills also belong to the same category.
Unlike conventional dryers, the CD DRYERS do not make use of the circumferential surface of its cylindrical drum, but both sides of its hollow disc as conductive surfaces.
While developing the CD DRYER, we have made it a basic principle to raise the over-all heat transfer coefficient in designing a high performance dryer with the understanding that dryers are nothing but heat exchangers in principle.

Consequently, an evaporation capacity of 200kg/m2h water at 20℃ or over and over-all heat transfer coefficient of 2000kcal/m2h℃ have been achieved. The high performance of the CD DRYER is a revolutionary development for the conductive heating type dryer.

CD Dryer: High Performance Concentration and Drying

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Saga Bisou Co., Ltd. http://japan-product.com/ads/saga-bisou-co-ltd/ http://japan-product.com/ads/saga-bisou-co-ltd/#comments Thu, 03 Jan 2013 01:33:10 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=13014 http://japan-product.com/ads/saga-bisou-co-ltd/feed/ 0 Japan Environment Techno Co., Ltd. http://japan-product.com/ads/japan-environment-techno/ http://japan-product.com/ads/japan-environment-techno/#comments Thu, 03 Jan 2013 01:18:58 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=13012 http://japan-product.com/ads/japan-environment-techno/feed/ 0 Ikeda Makoto Shop – Saga Rice Manufacturer http://japan-product.com/ads/ikeda-makoto/ http://japan-product.com/ads/ikeda-makoto/#comments Thu, 03 Jan 2013 01:00:47 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=13008 http://japan-product.com/ads/ikeda-makoto/feed/ 0 Saga Vinegar Co., Ltd. – Manufacturing Vinegar from 1832 http://japan-product.com/ads/saga-vinegar/ http://japan-product.com/ads/saga-vinegar/#comments Thu, 03 Jan 2013 00:25:10 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=13005 http://japan-product.com/ads/saga-vinegar/feed/ 0 Saga Kensa Service – Ultrasonic Testing for Concrete http://japan-product.com/ads/saga-kensa-service/ http://japan-product.com/ads/saga-kensa-service/#comments Wed, 02 Jan 2013 23:42:34 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=13002 http://japan-product.com/ads/saga-kensa-service/feed/ 0 Kashin Maruichi Morodomi Brunch – Wagashi Store http://japan-product.com/ads/kashin-maruichi-morodomi/ http://japan-product.com/ads/kashin-maruichi-morodomi/#comments Wed, 02 Jan 2013 22:41:46 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=13000 http://japan-product.com/ads/kashin-maruichi-morodomi/feed/ 0