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History of Nakamura Brace Co. Ltd.
Toshiro Nakamura established Nakamura Brace on 20 December 1974. He studied Orthotics and Prosthetics in Kyoto, Japan and California, USA.

After returning to his hometown of Ohmori, in Ohda city, Shimane prefecture, Japan he began the company by himself. In those days, Ohmori had a population of 650 (now only 500). The 33-square-meter shed in front of his house was refitted, and this is where he first began designing and creating Nakamura Brace products. Though he was only 26 years old, his youth was full of hope. Starting the company alone, he faced a number of difficult and challenging situations, all of which helped create and nuture such a successful company as it is today.

Nakamura Brace was incorporated as a company in 1982. It has grown in size significantly, and now conducts business with medical institutions and Prosthetics and Orthotics (P & O) manufacturing companies all over Japan. The company has also established relations with distributors and clients in many other countries.

Nakamura made an effort with his employees, wishing the development of the P & O industry in Japan, and also the reconstruction of his depopulating hometown, which in July 2007 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, “Iwami Ginzan and its Cultural Landscapes”.

Product Line

  • Head and Neck orthosis
  • Upper Limb orthosis
  • Spinal and Hip orthosis
  • Knee orthosis
  • Ankle orthosis
  • Short Lower Leg orthosis
  • Foot-toe orthosis for Hallux Valgus
  • Silicone Rubber Insole
  • Artificial Limbs Accessories
  • Artificial Arms and Legs
  • Athletic Injury Treatment and Prevention Devices (knees, leg joints, etc.)
    Our product line includes equipment and devices for use in emergencies, health care and rehabilitation.

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