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JAPAN PRODUCTS: Business Directory of Japanese Companies » Tokushima Companies and Products http://japan-product.com Japan-Product.com is a business directory which globally promotes high quality Japanese products and services for BtoB, BtoC and BtoG marketplaces. Our mission is to support and coordinate global directory services for medium to small Japanese companies. Wed, 09 Oct 2019 14:40:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.5.1 Nitride Semiconductors Co., Ltd. – World First successful development and mass production of UV LEDs http://japan-product.com/ads/nitride-semiconductors-co-ltd/ http://japan-product.com/ads/nitride-semiconductors-co-ltd/#comments Sun, 23 Mar 2014 02:05:06 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=3847 Nitride Semiconductors Co., Ltd. has established by the collaboration with Tokushima University. We took the initiative to develop high brightness Ultra violet light emitting diodes(UV-LED), and provide our products to the customers all over the world.

The compound semiconductor made from Gallium and Nitrogen is called nitride semiconductor and the blue LED is made of the same material. We realized 100nm shorter light emitting than blue LED that was thought impossible to produce.

The fluorescent lamp gets the light by the principle the ultra violet (UV) light that is occurred by the vacuum discharge activate the phosphor and Plasma display gets the full color picture by the same principle. As you know the UV light is the key of products that emit light.

In recent years, ultraviolet lamps in UV irradiators used to cure paints, inks, and even circuit boards, are being replaced by UV LEDs in developed countries. Compared to ultraviolet lamps, UV LEDs have a higher energy efficiency, consuming at least 70% less energy. In addition, they last more than 20 times longer, which reduces waste. Finally, UV LEDs generate less heat, and do not contain the highly toxic compound mercury, and as such, have the advantage of having a much smaller environmental footprint.

UV LED Market:


  • GaN wafer
    We are supplying n-GaN, p-GaN, u-GaN which are produced with epitaxial growth using our proprietary technology. For your future request, we are offering other designed GaN.wafer, InGaN and AlGaN.

  • UV-LED
    • UV LED Wafer
      We start to provide UV LED wafers which are produced with epitaxial growth using our proprietary technology. The products line-up of UV LED wafers are 355nm, 360nm, 365nm, 370nm, 375nm. Those UV LED wafers are producesd using our original designed MOCVD at our own factory in Japan.

    • UV LED Chip (die)
      We are supplying the reliable and high power UV LED chip (die) to the world. From 355nm to 375nm UV LED chips are available. You can use our UV LED chip effectively and laconically.

    • UV LED Lamp
      We provide high-quality UV LED Lamps which wavelength are 355nm, 360nm, 365nm, 370nm and 375nm. UV LED Lamps are available in two lines, very reliable CAN package (5CLA/5CFA) and high power resin mold package.

    • UV Power SMD
      High power UV LED is useful for UV curing, ink curing or any application which high power is required. User can select the best one with suitable wavelength and optical output power depending on the application.
  • Device
      We released 3D LIME LIGHT as UV LED module for lighting or any tests.
      3D LIME LIGHT is equipped with 100pcs of our NS375L-5RLO. It is so easily to get the light of UV LED if you plug in.

    • UV LED Light
      UV ray under 375nm is effective in nondestructive inspection like fluorescent penetrate inspection and so on. Our UV LED contains visible light little. Therefore, our UV LED doesn’t get in the way of visual work.
  • Customized Product
    It is possible to change the size or wavelength of UV LED. Because we are the specialized manufacture producing UV LED.


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Miyazaki Chair Factory Co., Ltd. – Designer Furniture http://japan-product.com/ads/miyazaki-chair-factory-co-ltd-designer-furniture/ http://japan-product.com/ads/miyazaki-chair-factory-co-ltd-designer-furniture/#comments Thu, 02 May 2013 07:19:35 +0000 JAPAN PRODUCTS http://japan-product.com/?post_type=ad_listing&p=1248 We are producing furniture with good material, quality, and design, and we hope that our customers are happy to own our furniture.

We use good quality timbers for chairs. They are dehydrated by artificial drier after a few years natural dryness. After that, we wait till the woods moisture restores to 12% naturally for prevention of the wood bend and twist. You can choose your favorite wood type from oak, maple, walnut, black cherry, teak, etc. We use beeswax made with 100% natural ingredients for finishing every wooden chair. This wax makes the wood breathe, so that you can enjoy the touch of natural wood.

Miyazaki Chair Factory is a group of craftsworkers. Each of us is trying to know well about wood characteristic, improve the technique, and get a profound knowledge of design and structure. We are challenging all this to make freely designed chairs combining handicraft and machinery work. We use machines when it can produce faster than handiwork, and our handiwork is for the sensitive manufacture and finishing. We use machines as our “extended hands.” We always attempt to do new things with our machines and hands.

In the factory where all is covered with wood powder and fragments, there is a “work-shop”? it is the scene of design development. Here designers and craftsworkers discuss about a full-scale prototype and the points of improvement. We modify the prototype when we both agree to the point, and we discuss again… we exchange each other’s idea until both are satisfied. If it goes well, we smile. If it doesn’t, we grimace. Sometimes, our discussion is heated up. We combine design with technique, face to face.

Our Website: www.miyazakiisu.co.jp/index-en.html

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