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BON UNI Uniform Material Functionalities

Bon Uni began innovating a wider range of functional fabrics with new technical processing. These functional fabrics were resistant materials created to be waterproof, oil resistant, anti-static, shrink resistant, and anti-bacterial. The low temperature plasma processing technique, for example, could repel any stain such as grease, sauce, sweat, or sebum; and thereby, these resistant fabric uniforms would remain much cleaner and more durable for a longer time.

BON UNI Uniform Material Functionalities

A low temperature plasma processing technique which repels strong stains such as grease, sauce, sweat, or sebum; and thereby, the garment remains much cleaner and more durable for a longer time.
Plasma processed fabric
None-Plasma fabric

1. Coffee spill applied to Plasma fabric.
Because of Plasma’s quick absorbing characteristics, the spill cannot spread as quickly as it can on non-Plasma fabric as the picture on the right side.

Plasma processed fabric
None-Plasma fabric

2. Plasma fabric soaked in water.
The coffee stain is quickly removed from the Plasma fabric. The pigment of the coffee floats on the water while the stain remains on non-Plasma fabric.

Plasma processed fabric
None-Plasma fabric

3. Plasma fabric lightly rinsed.
The stain is now completely removed from Plasma fabric. Unlike with regular fabric, which results light brown smear, Plasma fabric is clean and good as new.

Add two additional functionalities, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, to PLASMA processing. These additions feature strong prevention for microbial growth and odor.

A triple-layered fiber fabric, supplied by Teijin, which absorbs sweat quickly and prevents excessive cooling. This material is suitable for all seasons.

A fast-dry fabric uniquely manufactured for washing in large quantities as commercial laundry. This easy-care material is wrinkle resistant and wash-and-wear.

A high performance fiber, supplied by Torey, made of special treated polyester that feels soft like silk. The material is super absorbent, fast-dry, UV rays protective and easy-care.

VENT DRY, a knitted fabric, consists of combined polyester bers known for its silky texture. It is sweat-absorbent and quick-drying. This breathable quality keeps you cool in summer and removes static electricity in winter.

A conjugated yarn that naturally adjusts material breathability. When dry, the yarn is coiled and controls breathability. When absorbing sweat and moisture, the yarn instantly expands, then when drying it contracts back to its original coiled state.

TREHA COOL, supplied by Shikibo, is made of a combination of Trehalose and cotton. Trehalose is commonly used in food and cosmetic products. It is effective for textiles as well. TREHA COOL benefits from the thermal-conductivity of cotton and the fast-dry characteristic of Trehalose.

Lipguard repels persistent stains and helps easy stain removal. During a wash cycle, stains are broken down and removed. This processed fabric is well suited for industrial washing up to 50 cycles and will still retain excellent durability.

MAKSPEC, supplied by Torey, is a textile material with outstanding resistance to bacteria. Its anti-bacterial performance is 3 to 5 times stronger than that of conventional antibacterial fabrics.

Bon Uni, a leading manufacturer of uniforms made in Japan, is now expanding their business to global markets. Check the Bon Uni’s profile page.