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What is Solenoid? Takaha Kiko, solenoid manufacturer describe mechanism and applications

| Industrial Product and Service Movies | 09/28/2016

Basic Motion of Solenoid

What is Solenoid?

A solenoid is an electrical device that move a plunger in a straight line by running an electric current through a coil and using the resultant magnetic force. This straight line movement allows us to reach speeds unachievable with a motor, making solenoids suitable for a wide range of uses and limited only by your imagination.

Solenoids can be found in cars, industrial machinery, air conditioning systems, agricultural systems, medical equipment, locking mechanisms and even in simple household electronics.

Solenoid currents are broadly divided into direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). Our firm primarily manufacturers DC solenoids.

There are many varieties, such as regular pull solenoids, push solenoids equipped with push bars that use attraction to apply pressure and self-maintaining solenoids that use embedded permanent magnets to maintain various states.

Pull Solenoid – Open Frame

Open frame pull solenoid is a regular solenoid. It is known as a “pull solenoid” because it pulls in the movable iron core when activated. It is relatively low cost and is widely used in office electronics, automobiles, and similar applications.

Push Solenoid – Open Frame

A push solenoid has a push bar attached to the curved head of the plunger. With the push bar, this solenoid can attract and repel at the same time. It is able to simply push, so no complex mechanisms are necessary.

Magnetic Latching Solenoid – Open Frame

A magnetic latching solenoid is equipped with a permanent magnet that keeps the plunger in position magnetically when under no other force. With the internal permanent magnet maintaining attachment, only consuming power to reinstate attraction, these are widely used in locks and other mechanisms which require long-term attachment.

Takaha Kiko Co., Ltd. – Solenoid Manufacturer

Takaha Kiko has been established now for more than 30 years. In addition to the fact that we have been welcomed as the dedicated maker of today’s solar solenoid conductors, we are deeply grateful for the powerful support from our customers as well as the courteous support of the companies with whom we have collaborated over many years.


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