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Air Water Inc. – We engage in industrial fields such as electronics, chemical, medical, and energy

Air Water Inc. – We engage in industrial fields such as electronics, chemical, medical, and energy

Air Water was established in 1929, based on gas such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and acetylene for industrial and medical applications. We’ve been expanding its business to a great variety of fields, including chemicals, medical treatment, energy, agriculture, food products, salt, magnesia, logistics, aerosols, and mineral water.

Business Lines

  • Industrial Gas Business
    The use of industrial gas is diverse. Its properties make it play a critical role in industries throughout the world, from steel, chemicals, electronics, and automobiles to glass, shipbuilding, construction equipment, paper manufacturing, food and beverages, medical care, agriculture, and outer space. Air Water provides a stable supply of industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide to our customers throughout the country. We offer the optimum supply method for each of our customers’ conditions of use, from single cylinder delivery to on-site production using gas generators. We also offer a varied lineup of gas applications and industrial equipment that effectively exploit the properties of industrial gases.

  • Chemical Business
    Chemical materials used for materials of various products are something we do not see in our everyday life. However, they play a variety of active roles by changing their appearance and shapes, such as in the form of resins, fertilizers, automotive parts, rubber, agrochemicals, pharmaceutical products and electronics materials. Air Water produces high value-added chemical materials based on our “coal chemical” technology to separate and refine the active ingredients found in coke from steelworks. The pillars of the business are “coal chemical” which manufactures tar-derived chemical products and “fine chemical” which manufactures pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates and electronics materials. By utilizing our production bases across Japan and abroad, we respond to all levels of materials development needs of our customers.

  • Medical Business
    Medical gases that play a crucial role in respiratory therapy and anesthesia introduction are considered to be a lifeline for medical institutions. It is suppliers’ mission to ensure the supply of medical gases under all circumstances without one minute or one second delay. Air Water provides stable supply of medical gases through supply networks around Japan and offers one-stop solutions for all types of services associated with hospital operation, including medical treatment devices, hospital facility construction, SPD (Supply, Processing and Distribution), contract sterilization and others. We will also be actively involved in community health-care services, such as home medical care and welfare and nursing care, and strive to contribute broadly to a highly-advanced medical society through the provision of comprehensive medical solutions.

  • Energy Business
    As energy for everyday life used by households and for public facilities such as commercial facilities, factories and hospitals, or as energy for industrial use for Community Gas Utility Service and automotive industry, LP gas and kerosene play a crucial role in our comfortable life in communities.
    As an energy and infrastructure company that continues to walk with communities, Air Water has been supplying LP gas for more than half a century since the beginning of the domestic LP gas market. We also actively work on new proposals as new energy solutions, such as LNG (liquefied natural gas) transport and storage tanks, LP gas-powered mobile power supply vehicles and biogas systems based on biomass resources and others.

  • Agriculture & Food Business
    The history of Air Water’s agriculture and food products dates back over 30 years. Our food business that began with the sales of frozen food using liquefied nitrogen expanded its operations in 2002 to include ham and delicatessen products. In 2009, the company established an agricultural production corporation, Air Water Farm Co., Ltd., to make a full-scale entry into agricultural business. Since then, the business has been expanded to agricultural machines, distribution and processing of fruit and vegetables, and the production of vegetable and fruit juice drinks. With its integrated in-house operation from the production of vegetables to the processing of food and beverage products as well as the distribution to markets throughout the country, Air Water’s agriculture and food product business has brought out maximum Group synergies and created an entirely new type of value chain that has not existed before

  • Other Business
    Air Water’s business deployment is not confined to industrial gas, chemical, medical, energy and agriculture and food products businesses. A diversity of businesses created with the steady expansion of business domain is the true “broader business innovation” that Air Water is pursuing. Our business fields are diverse, encompassing “salt” and “magnesia,” both of which seek to effectively utilize various ingredients in sea water, “logistics service” which utilizes our low temperature transport technology cultivated in the field of high-pressure gas, as well as “aerosol,” “O-ring,” “NV (metal surface treatment)” and others. Each of these businesses holds distinctive technologies, products and services, which builds the company’s collective strength.

  • New Business
    Because we are committed to our long-term growth vision of “becoming a one-trillion yen company by fiscal 2020,” it is imperative that we successively generate new businesses and develop them to be new growth drivers for further corporate expansion. Our SIC Business which develops and semiconductor substrates to solve customer’s problems using our original SiC/Si film technology, our AW Water Business which provides the HOD (Home & Office delivery) service of reliable and safe mineral water, and our nursing care business which seeks to establish a model for elderly nursing care that has not existed before—each of these are new efforts helping Air Water to become a company with sales of one trillion yen in the future.


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