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Kochi is one of Japan’s leading breadbaskets, and the main products include eggplant, cucumbers, garlic chives, myoga ginger, shishito peppers, melons, capsicum, spring onions, okra and fruit (citrus, nashi pear etc.). With 84% of Kochi prefecture covered in lush forests, forestry is a vital part of our economy. Also, Kochi has a long history of fishing culture. Kochi annual catch in 2005 amounted to 110,000 tons, earning 48 billion yen. Katsuo (bonito) and tuna are our main catch.

Kochi Ice

Kochi Ice Co., Ltd. – No. 1 Sorbet in Japan

Our aim is that one day, everyone in your country will be able to experience and enjoy our delicious sorbet. Last summer(2011), our sorbet with fresh citr...

Timber Bag: monacca bag kaku 01

Monacca – Wood Products Manufacturing

"MONACCA" is brand name for products made of thinned Japanese cedar in Umaji Village, Kochi Prefecture in Japan.The Cedar is the most popular tree in Japa...

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