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Gold-Tin Alloy Plating – Good joint strength and good thermal conductivity

Gold-Tin Alloy Plating – Good joint strength and good thermal conductivity

Mitsuya Co., Ltd. provides rhodium plating as for a wear resistant and high abrasion/corrosion resistant plating deposit. The electrical resistance of rhodium is the lowest in the platinum metal group (Pt, Pd. Ru, Rh, In). The hardness of rhodium plating is about Hv800 ~ 1000 as a hard deposit.

Rhodium plating is used for the electrical contacts which are demanded to have strong wear resistance and high surface hardness. We have many years of experience in providing for the sliding contact. Rhodium plating deposit is also used in the decorative fields and the industrial fields, because it has good corrosion resistance and is chemically stable.

Gold-Tin Alloy Plating’s Applications & Properties

  • Optoelectronics and laser applications
  • High-reliability applications
  • Good joint strength
  • High melting point is compatible with subsequent reflow processes
  • Pb-free and RoHS compliant
  • Superior thermal conductivity
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Superior thermal fatigue resistance
  • Excellent meltability at 280℃
  • Resistance to oxidation
  • High-reliability joining and sealing
  • Fluxless soldering processes


  • Electronics components (Sensors)
  • Semi-conductors

Example of use

  • Company C:
    Along with the high density and low-cost of semiconductor elements, element terminal were plated by gold and one additional process was need in company C. We proposed gold-tin plating for the terminals in stead of the gold plating. Our technical department developed the plating process, and succeeded in obtaining a good adhesion and uniform thickness of this plating to enable the mass production.
  • Company J:
    Company J is related to semiconductors. Company J came and consult with us to reduce working hours at connecting by using a high-temperature solder. The gold-tin alloy plating developed by us has uniform content and uniform thickness, and therefore the working hours in this company reduced by 33%. Our gold-tin plating was able to contribute to reduce the cost on many devices of company J.
  • Company J:
    Company is J related to semiconductors. Company J has produced semiconductor parts in the United States and in Japan. They were looking for a company who can provide the gold-tin alloy plating in Japan. They could not found easily, but they visited us for consulting because of our website. Particularly, they desired the gold-tin deposits in a stable adhesion on the special material. Requested tolerance of the plating thickness and the alloy compositions were strict standards. We were able to meet customer requirements by studying at our technical center, technical and production department on our factory. We have performed mass production by developing a new process.
  • Company K:
    Company K, which manufactures the semiconductor parts in Japan and USA, was looking for a plating company that can do a gold-tin alloy plating in Japan. They were not able to find easily. They found our home page and came to be consulted by us. They requested that the plating had stable adhesion on the special material.
    Tolerance of plating thickness and the alloy composition was under their strict quality standard, our technical department and our manufacturing department developed the process which enable to meet the customer demand, we have mass-produced their devices.

Watch the Gold Tin Alloy Plating’s video here.

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