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Colan Totte, Japanese health gear manufacture, begin selling new magnetic bracelet overseas

| News, Osaka News, Sports and Health News | 10/03/2018


A Magnetic Health Care Bracelet“COLANTOTTE LOOP QUON”overseas Launch Begins October 2018

Date: Oct 3, 2018
Source: Colan Totte Co., Ltd.

Colan Totte Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of magnetic medical device “Colantotte”, will begin selling the new magnetic bracelet “COLANTOTTE LOOP QUON” overseas in October 2018.

Just by wearing it will improve circulation and relieve stiffness

COLANTOTTE LOOP QUON is a magnetic bracelet that uses the power of magnetism to improve circulation and relieve stiffness at the area it is worn. QUON contains four magnets arranged in the Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™). This arrangement allows the magnetic force to affect a large three-dimensional area to improve blood circulation and alleviate stiffness. Experience the authentic effects of a certified medical device.
*Japanese medical device certification number: 223AGBZX00188A01

A simple, ever-appealing design

The bracelet utilizes a basic design that never gets old, inspired by the checkered and diamond patterns redolent of Japanese brands. The subdued two-tone color can be worn by anyone regardless of gender and seamlessly blends in with everything from everyday fashion to the constantly shifting trends of athleisure fashion. As we wish for this product to be used regularly for a long period regardless of the times, we named it “QUON” after the Japanese word for “eternity.”

Adjustable for a custom fit

We use silicon for the belt so that it can be cut with scissors. Using the numbers engraved on the belt surface as a guide, you can easily customize the size by cutting at the appropriate spot, allowing both men and women to wear it with ease. Additionally, the material is soft and elastic to allow for a snug fit when worn on your arm.


  • Product name: COLANTOTTE LOOP QUON
  • Japanese medical device certification number: 223AGBZX00188A01
  • Material:
    Belt: Silicone
    Buckle: Stainless Steel (SUS304)
    Magnet: Four 100mT (1,000 Gauss) Ferrite permanent magnets

  • Color: Coal Black, Birch White, Garnet Red, Abyssal Blue, Hunter Green
  • Size: Adjustable (14cm – 22cm)

Colantotte Magnetic Medical Gear

Colantotte products contain permanent magnets arranged in the Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™). This arrangement allows the magnetic force to affect a large area to improve circulation and alleviate stiffness at the applied location. It is certified in Japan as an authentic magnetic health device.
In 2005, Colantotte was launched in America under the overseas brand TRION:Z. Professional golfers Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler as well as many other top athletes regularly use this gear to soothe and support their bodies. Additionally, in 2012, one of the Colantotte bracelets was featured prominently as a key story item in the Hollywood movie “The Avengers” as part of a tie-up campaign, demonstrating the recognition of the brand’s quality and design not only in Japan, but by many people all over the world.

Garnet Red

Abyssal Blue

Hunter Green

Birch White

Coal Black




Selling Overview

  • Release date: Overseas Launch Begins October 2018
  • Country of sale
    • Asia: Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia
    • Europe: UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece
    • North America: USA

You can purchase their products on online-shop below

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