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20th ITS WORLD CONGRESS TOKYO 2013 Oct 14-18

| Tokyo Events & Expo, Transportation Events & Expo | 10/13/2013


Date: October 14 – 18, 2013
Venue: Tokyo International Forum / Tokyo Big Sight
Organizer: The Japan Organizing Committee of ITS WORLD CONGRESS TOKYO 2013

Opening Ceremony:
October 14(Mon), 2013 / Tokyo International Forum

Session & Exhibition, Closing Ceremony:
October 15(Tue) – 18(Fri), 2013 / Tokyo Big Sight

The theme of the 20th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems is “Open ITS to the Next.” Next-generation ITS will address a variety of traffic-related issues, including the environment, energy, safety and traffic congestion. In addition it will contribute to enhancing quality of life while answering society’s need for accurate and prompt responses to disasters and other unexpected events. In the next-generation ITS era, automobiles and other means of mobility will be embedded as a component of the social network. I believe that when combining the function of transfer that is basic mobility itself with the function of connectivity through next-generation ITS, a practical, networked society will emerge which doesn’t remain a simple virtual network but can stimulate real-life action. The open platform, a common foundation created for this purpose, will make it possible for anybody to provide information, access necessary information and enjoy its benefits from any location.

The Congress Organizing Committee will propose a robust and resilient society at the Congress for future generations, to be achieved by focusing efforts on the creation of new industries as well as prosperous and healthy communities, through mutual cooperation among ITS organizations, the corporate sector and academia worldwide. The Greater Tokyo area, with a population of 36 million, is the world’s liveliest mega-city. We will present social systems and community activities for this mega-city that utilize state-of-the-art ITS and next-generation mobility, through which we hope to contribute to Asian and global economic evolution.

Congress Topics

  1. Safety and traffic management
    Every country is seriously concerned about traffic congestion and casualties, since they have great impact on the economy and energy resources. New innovative technologies along with law enforcement initiatives can achieve safer and smoother traffic. Various technical approaches and enforcements will be discussed.

  2. Next generation mobility and sustainability
    Regardless of mode of transport, society requires lower-emission mobility. More electrified vehicles including EV, HEV, pHEV and FCV are being launched, requiring closer information exchange between vehicles and infrastructure. Efficient energy management systems ranging from the home to community level will be discussed in relation to electrified vehicles as one component of such systems. New innovative personalized vehicles, including mobility for aging societies, will also be discussed as next-generation solutions.

  3. Efficient transport systems in mega cities/regions
    Many mega cities/regions are suffering from substantial transport stresses, many of which are caused by lack of transport capacity due to rapid urbanization and motorization. Possible measures to ease such strains will be discussed based on past experiences and best practices in various cities/regions.

  4. Intermodal and multimodal systems for people and goods
    Optimal mode combination is the key to transporting people and goods. Public transport combined with various personal modes of transport will be discussed in the context of human mobility. Another solution is harmonization of bus rapid transit (BRT) and light rail transit (LRT) with private vehicles, including safety issues. Discussion of goods distribution will focus on efficient and secure handling of goods and cutting-edge EDI technologies.

  5. Personalized mobility services
    ICT brings various new services/businesses into reality by deploying big data via information networks. Information is collected from and delivered to mobile devices. Some services are already in the market and this is an area with high potential for entry by business newcomers. Various possibilities and examples will be discussed.

  6. Resilient transport systems for emergency situations
    Transport systems must be robust enough to support daily life in disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes, including preventive approaches. Readiness training involving the general public and collaboration between relevant agencies is also important. Information on experiences and lessons learned will be shared to discuss various resilient transport systems in terms of concept, design, structure and evaluation.

  7. Institutional issues and international harmonization
    Various institutional approaches and cross-organizational cooperation will be necessary to ensure a livable society with enhanced mobility on a global scale in the future. This topic will cover a wide range of issues including regulation and enforcement, funding and costs/benefits, security and privacy, standardization and architecture as well as professional education and training.

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