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ABI’s Cells-Alive Technology (CAS)

| Reports, Science and Technology Reports | 03/29/2014

ABI Inc. - Cells-Alive Technology

ABI’s Cells-Alive Technology (CAS)
When water starts to freeze, water molecules clump together and form a large ice crystal. The complex energy created by CAS Function Generator of ABI makes the water clusters to vibrate, with which it prevents water molecules to gather together and keep them under super-cooling condition to attain small ice crystal formation.

Small ice crystals cannot rupture cell membranes and for this reason, original freshness is restored after thawing.

Food Freezing Image by Quick Freezer with CAS Function

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Problems of Food Freezing by Quick Freezing System

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What makes CAS different?

  • Present refrigeration systems are not appropriate for maintaining freshness of food products since their color and quality are denaturalized in a couple of days. Therefore, loss and waste will be unavoidable unless perishable substances such as vegetables and fruits are completely used up en mass.However, ABI refrigeration storage system can preserve deliciousness of just harvested materials and freshness of high quality food products for a certain period. This results in eliminating the producing of loss and waste.
  • A present freezing system in the market incurs freezer burn by causing the substance to lose its water content and therefore, destroys product quality. However, ABI freezing system keeps the substance internal moisture and prevents freezer burn phenomenon to occur.

Other Benefits of Cells Alive System (CAS) Function:

  1. No dripping after being thawed, therefore, the loss of nutritional components such as protein, etc. is prevented.
  2. The water-holding capacity is retained.
  3. Keep the tastiness.
  4. Keep the amino acids.
  5. Keep the original fresh flavor.
  6. Keep the food color, texture and quality intact.
  7. Preventing oxidation.
  8. Restrain denaturalization of protein.
  9. significant reduction in the waste amount.

How the Freezer with CAS Function Differs from the Conventional Freezers in Freezing Aspect:

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About ABI Co., Ltd.
By combining the quick freezing and the CAS, the company developed an innovative technology for freezing and storage of foods. This technology is also used for medical transportation and regeneration medicine in the medical field. Click here for more details.

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