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Air Water Plant & Engineering Inc. – Manufacturing of gas supply systems and gas plants

Air Water Plant & Engineering Inc. – Manufacturing of gas supply systems and gas plants

Our company, Air Water Plant & Engineering Inc., is a professional group specializing in general engineering in the field of industrial gas, underpinned by the fundamental principle of “MONOZUKURI,” a Japanese word that means making things.

Our engineering expertise covers a wide range, including designing, manufacturing, and construction of various gas supply systems and various gas plants, such as air separation plants, as well as gas application technologies and devices which are unique to our gas engineering company.

The technologies which form the mainstay of our business operation are underlain by well-established platforms in a wide range of areas including low-temperature, high-pressure, and vacuum, as well as separation and purification, and we find thorough technical solutions for our customers based on our technologies.
We are engineers who have passion and positive future prospects, meeting challenges and making constant efforts to establish a solid reputation for our company in the field of industrial gas to meet the needs of our customers.


  • Development and production of various cryogenic appliances and equipments using technologies to control absolute zero temperatures
  • Development of high vacuum equipment and piping
  • Development of technologies and methods of reducing environmental loads
  • Development of controlled air production equipment and cryogenic technologies as a leading maker of medical gases
  • Environmentally friendly energy from LPG and LNG

Business Lines

  • High-Purity Gas Supply Engineering
    Our high purity gas supply engineering technology focuses on economy, stable supply, and environmental friendliness. AIR WATER has established a reputation for unique know-how relating to adsorption, membrane separation, chemical reaction and refining in various industries including semiconductors, chemicals, iron and steel, and solar batteries. AIR WATER’s product lines—Nitrogen Gas Generator (V1 series), High-efficiency Air Separator System (VSU), Oxygen Generator (VP series) and Hydrogen Generator (VH series)—have contributed to advancements in on-site gas processing.

  • High Purity Gas Piping & Semiconductor Equipment Engineering
    Developments in the liquid crystal, solar cell, and semiconductor industries have kept pace with the development of high purity gases. We can provide solutions to high purity gas needs using our innovative technologies of piping and welding products for which the quality has been stringently controlled. Our sophisticated technology includes everything from the piping of bulk and specialty gases to the purifying equipment, cylinder cabinets, gas abatement units, gas alarm systems, and gas analysis systems. We provide stable and safe gas supply systems.

  • Ultra-low temperature, Ultra-high Vacuum Engineering
    Ultra-low temperature/ultra-high vacuum (UHV) engineering takes center stage and is essential for gas separation and refining in a variety of industries. AIR WATER’s development of unique know-how and products is employed in the industry where it is necessary to maintain temperatures near absolute zero, such as for high vacuum pumps and piping. AIR WATER’s highly reputable work includes a full range of services covering design, site construction and quality control of low-temperature equipment, low-temperature vessels, CE and cryogenic liquefied gas lorries, and specialized equipment and facilities related to space exploration.

  • Energy Supply Engineering
    Advanced ultra low temperature technology, which opens new frontiers in the era of LNG We have been shifting to town gas derived from oil gas to natural gas as awareness of environmental issues increases and the need to reduce dependence on oil in the new era of energy conservation becomes more urgent.New technologies have been developed compatible with existing technology for the manufacture of LNG tank containers, storage tanks, and LNG satellite facilities.

  • Other Engineering
    With our sophisticated technologies, we provide solutions in a wide range of fields, such as high purification of industrial gas, natural resources saving, energy conservation, environmental measures, and environmental risks in the semiconductor industry and other high-tech industries. To respond to pressing technology needs in each area, we have been steadily improving high piping technology and welding technology, and deal with various high pure piping fields of work.


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