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IBIDEN Co., Ltd. – Development of PWB Products, Carbon and Ceramic Products

IBIDEN Co., Ltd. –  Development of PWB Products, Carbon and Ceramic Products

Currently our primary businesses are Electronics and Ceramics related. Our Electronic products include Printed Wiring Boards and Plastic Packaging etc, while our Ceramic products include special carbon products and DPF etc. In all fields, we co-operate with the world’s leading businesses, seizing the initiative with technological innovations.


  • Electronics
    In collaboration with our customers, we pursue new merits and improved functionality. Aimed at the next generation, our high value added products are delivered swiftly.

    Printed Wiring Board
    Our PWB business provides customers with boards combining high performance with high density, through propriety core technologies. Our HDI (build-up) PWBs are used today in mobile devices around the world, our high layer-count PWBs play a vital role in society’s communications infrastructure, and we were the first to develop environmentally-aware PWBs. IBIDEN remains committed to developing the products required by our customers and the age.

    IC Package
    IC packages achieving further miniaturization and higher density to accommodate leading-edge high-speed devices – with a focus on cutting-edge IC packages for flip-chip mounting, such as microprocessing units, chipsets, and graphic chips for personal computers, and even products for gaming console we stand ready to provide high-quality, high-reliability products that meet the needs of our customers.

  • Electronics
    Based on traditional ceramic techniques, our products contribute to both our customers and to the global environment.

    DPF/Automotive Exhaust System Components
    As global interest in environmental issues rises, so does demand for automotive exhaust system components such as Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), and holding mat (MAT) for the catalytic monolith made by ceramics. DPF, which can trap 99% or more of the black smoke emitted by diesel engines, has grown as a standard component of the industry due to its performance and reliability. Now, the environmental regulation become stricter and the market for automotive exhaust system components is expected to grow further. Therefore, as the leading company of DPF and MAT, we will continue to develop high-performance products and to reduce damage to the environment.

    Graphite (Specialty Carbon) Products
    These are products made of graphite, which meets a diverse array of needs in industry as a fine material that features the properties both of metals and of ceramics. Made through full use of material technology, high-precision machining technology, high-purity purification technology, and surface-treatment technology, graphite products are contributing to the growth of leading-edge industries of every type as materials for semiconductor fabrication equipment, electrode materials for electric-discharge machining use, next-generation products for the energy industry, and more.

    Fine Ceramics
    These fine-ceramics products have been developed based our own innovative high-temperature electric-furnace technology arising from compoundingβsilicon carbide powder, and making use of integrated technologies extending from raw materials to sintered bodies. These products find use in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other fields demanding resistance to corrosion and high precision.

    Ceramic Fiber
    Development proceeded apace for “IBI-Wool” ceramic fiber, which makes use of the electric-furnace technology that we have amassed over many years. Offering excellent heat resistance and insulating performance, this is available as both material and formed products, and is widely used in industrial products such as sintered bodies and fuel cells.

  • IBIDEN Group Business
    Our business is developing in a variety of fields, from such things as interior decorative laminates to environmental improvement initiatives.

    Housing Materials
    Our housing materials business is the sector closest to our daily lives, creating diverse living space. We manufacture and sell the decorative interior laminates used in every field not only for residential housing equipment, but also for commercial facilities, offices and hospitals. etc.. We provide strong support to designers creating stylish and artistic space to answers the needs of the era, with high-performance IBIBOARD high-pressure decorative laminates.

    In the construction field we are rolling out our own innovative operations that achieve a fusion of slope facing technology and landscaping, under the guiding concepts of “disaster-prevention”, “environmental preservation” and “city redevelopment”. Our goal is to create better symbiosis between human beings and the natural environment through “technology that utilizes the power of nature”, mixing environmental preservation with development.

    Other Operations
    We are developing and expanding business in a range of sectors including environmental engineering technology, medical software package development, the sale of information and communication terminals and the sale of welfare vehicles.

  • IBIDEN’s Principal Products
    Introducing the 4 principal products from IBIDEN’s major businesses – the Electronics Division and the Ceramics Division.

    • IC Package Substrates
      IC Package Substrates are the core product of the Electronics Division, accounting for almost 80% of sales.

    • Printed Wiring Boards
      Along with Package Substrates, Printed Wiring Boards are one of IBIDEN’s primary products.

    • Small and Thin IC Package (CSP) Substrate
      Aiming for the top global market share for components used in smartphones.

    • Disel Particulate Filter (DPF)
      Demand for DPFs has grown rapidly, in line with strengthened emission controls in countries around the world.


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