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Japanese Glass Manufacturer, AGC Releases “infoverre™ MIRROR,” Enabling Digital Information Display on Mirror

| News, Science and Technology News | 06/03/2015

AGC Releases “infoverre™ MIRROR,” Enabling Unique Information Display on Mirror
Date: June 3, 2015
Source: Asahi Glass Company (AGC)

– New infoverre product expands the possibilities of the “glass with display monitor” product line –

Tokyo, March 25, 2015 – Asahi Glass Company (AGC), a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials has released a new infoverre™ product “infoverre™ MIRROR” as an interior product for residential and commercial facilities. This new product will bring solutions to unique design needs in the world.
The infoverre™ series is a new-generation glass signage that provides clear and vivid images to viewers (see next page for details). The newly released infoverre™ MIRROR uses black mirror instead of glass, allowing unique and innovative information display.

  • Looks like just ordinary mirror when not in use
    Black mirror minimizes the presence of the display monitor. It looks like ordinary mirror when not in use. Vivid and clear images suddenly come out when the power turns on.

  • Provides vivid and beautiful image display
    The display monitor that is directly attached onto the mirror provides clear and vivid images as the light reflection and image blurring have been minimized.

  • Enables interactive communication
    By combining with a motion sensor, infoverre™ MIRROR enables unique and interactive communication.

  • Various mirror & monitor size available
    Mirror has no fixed size. Display monitor has 21.5, 42, 46 and 55 inch types. (75 inch will be released by the end of 2015).

AGC has created a new-generation, glass-based information display called “glass signage.” Leveraging its diverse technological expertise, the AGC Group will continue to develop and market new glass-based products in the growing digital signage market.

Reference Information

Overview of the infoverre™ series
infoverre has been developed as one of AGC’s glass signage product lines. It is a combination of glass and a large-sized display monitor, which is directly attached to the glass surface. Using AGC’s optical adhesive technology, the air layer between the glass and the LCD panel has been eliminated, which significantly enhanced the visibility and provides clear and vivid images through glass. infoverre is space saving as the monitor is supported entirely by the glass surface and a monitor mount is not necessary. In addition, no cooling fan helps lower electricity costs.

Since its market release in February this year, the infoverre series has been steadily expanding its applications.
The window type has been adopted for use at commercial facilities and the table top type is used at the Milan Expo 2015. (See below for photos)

AGC uses monitor sensor to further expand the application possibilities of the infoverre series.
infoverre™ MIRROR, equipped with a motion sensor, will be exhibited at Nihon Unisys Group Business & ICT Strategy Forum (BITS2015) to be held in Tokyo on June 4 and June 5, 2015.

Installation examples of the infoverre™ series

infoverre® WINDOW: Window installation type at Shin-marunouchi building, Tokyo

infoverre® TABLETOP: Table-top type used at Milan Expo Japan pavilion

infoverre® MIRROR: Mirror type used at Milan Design Week 2015

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