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Application for Chiba Aqualine Marathon 2018 has started from 4/13!

| Chiba Events & Expo, Events, News, Sports and Health News | 04/26/2018

Chiba Aqualine Marathon - Photo 01

Entry Applications for Chiba Aqualine Marathon 2018 to Open on April 13

Date: Mar 30, 2018
Source: Chiba Aqualine Marathon Planning Committee

On October 21 (Sunday), 2018, the “Chiba Aqualine Marathon 2018” will be held in Chiba Prefecture right next to Tokyo. The event has attractive features such as an exhilarating feeling stemming from running just above the Tokyo Bay Aqualine Expressway that cuts across the Tokyo Bay, and more than 300,000 people cheering on the roadside. This time, a combined total of 17,000 runners in full-marathon, half-marathon and wheelchair half-marathon competitions will be recruited.
Entry applications for the Chiba Aqualine Marathon 2018 will open on April 13, (Friday).

Chiba Aqualine

Chiba Aqualine

Competition Outline

Date: Sunday, October 21, 2018

Type Participants Time Limit Fee
Full Marathon 12,000 6 hours JPY 12,500
Half Marathon 5,000 3 hours 10 minutes JPY 9,500
Wheelchair Half Marathon 10 people 1 hour 5 minutes JPY 9,500

Marathon Course

  • Full Marathon
    Start: Shiohama Park (Kisarazu City)
    [Passing points: Kisarazu Kaneda IC, Umi Hotaru, Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu, Sodegaura City Hall, Sodegaura Park, Hotaruno, Kiyomidai]
    Finish: Former Kisarazu City Hall

  • Half Marathon and Wheelchair Half Marathon
    Start: Shiohama park (Kisarazu City)
    [Passing points: Kisarazu Kaneda IC, Umi Hotaru, Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu]
    Finish: Ushigome Coast

* For all events, in case the Executive Committee decides that the bridge section of Aqualine cannot be used due to strong wind, etc., shortened races using only ordinary roads will be implemented so that the Marathon event will be changed to a Three-quarter Marathon (31.646 km), and Half Marathon will be changed to Challenge Run (10.2 km).

Marathon Course

Application Process

For people with foreign nationality, it is possible to apply for entry in the foreign runner category.

  1. Application period:
    From noon on April 13 (Friday) to 5 p.m. on May 8 (Tuesday)
    * Excluding some special categories. Also, because the foreign runner category is on a first-come, first-served basis, entry applications will be closed when applicants reach the fixed number.

  2. Selection of participants
    • Foreign runner category: up to 350 applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • General category: If there are plenty of applicants, eligible participants will be decided by lot.

Application Guidelines (English):


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