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16th Eco-Products 2014 in Tokyo Japan

| Events, Green Business Events & Expo, Tokyo Events & Expo | 12/01/2014

Eco-Products Exhibition in Japan

16th Eco-Products 2014
Date: Dec 11(Thu)-13(Sat), 2014
Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm / 12/13: 10am-5pm
Organizer: JEMAI, Nikkei Inc.
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Admission: Free (Registration required)
OOfficial Website: eco-pro.com/eco2014/english/

The Eco-Products Exhibition, held annually since 1999, features environmental technologies and environmentally-friendly products and services. It is known as one of the largest scale exhibitions in Japan in terms of the total exhibition space and the number of visitors.

Exhibitors include a number of both well-established and emerging companies in manufacturing and retail industries in Japan. Moreover, the exhibition is participated in by academic and research institutes, administrative organs, NPOs and NGOs. It is a unique opportunity to efficiently gather information on innovations in the area of environment.

Aspects of the Eco-Production Exhibition

  • The latest environmentally-friendly products and the most advanced environmental technologies in various industrial sectors gather together in the Exhibition.
    Leading companies in a variety of business sectors and categories, from consumer goods, industrial goods, and energy to various services, set up booths to exhibit cutting-edge products and technologies. The Eco-Products Exhibition supports active environmental business deals as one of Japan’s largest environmental exhibitions with about 700 corporate and organizational exhibitors.

  • Various layers of people, from business people to the general public, visit the Exhibition to obtain the latest environmental information.
    The Exhibition enjoys a total of about 170 thousand visitors, consisting of various environmental stakeholders such as business people engaged in environmental businesses, environmentally-conscious consumers, NPO members, and VIPs in political, bureaucratic and business communities. It is where quality communications occur, which makes it the best place to present corporate/organizational CSR activities.

  • The Exhibition sends out a message to the world and to the future for the building of a sustainable society with the environment at the core.
    Many children who are responsible for the next generation visit the Eco-Products Exhibition and engage in environmental studies through the exhibits. By gathering the forces of companies and citizens with the environment at the core, a message for the building of a better society will be sent out from Japan to the world and to the future.

The theme of Eco-Products 2014 – “Discover Ideas to Change the Future!”
With the increase in global warming, climate change, and other environmental issues, it is necessary for us to consume in an environmentally-friendly manner and make selections that will make a brighter future for the Earth so that we, our children and future generations will continue to co-exist with the Earth.
The Eco-Products Exhibition is where you can find many pieces of knowledge to solve environmental issues (the latest technologies, products, suggestions on lifestyle changes and others). This is a message to say: Let us be aware that the selections we make will determine the future of the Earth and go find the knowledge for changing the future in the Eco-Products Exhibition 2014.

English Guided Tours
We offer free guided tours in English and Korean for non-Japanese-speaking visitors. We invite you to join a tour to explore the latest developments in Japanese eco-products and technologies and to interact with exhibitors.
*We will offer the Chinese guided tour on request basis. If you are interested in joining the Chinese guided tour, please e-mail “ecopro-tour@nikkeipr.co.jp” to Eco-Products 2014 Secretariat Office.

General Tours (Free)
60-minute tours offer an overview of the entire exhibitions, and are designed for people who desire an overall picture of Eco-Products 2014.

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