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Takuo Nakamura – Kanazawa Crafts Exhibition at the Park Hotel Tokyo

| Events, Tokyo Events & Expo | 11/02/2017

Park Hotel Tokyo - Takuo Nakamura

Winter Art Exhibition Scheduled at Park Hotel Tokyo to Offer Guests Hospitality with Japanese Aesthetics of Season

Date: Oct 31, 2017
Source: Park Hotel Tokyo

Park Hotel Tokyo announced on October 31 that it will hold an art exhibition titled Takuo Nakamura – Kanazawa Crafts Exhibition from December 4, 2017, to February 18, 2018.

Park Hotel Tokyo holds four art exhibitions a year, offering guests hospitality with Japanese aesthetics of each season. Kanazawa is a city in the Hokuriku region well-known for craft arts since olden times. This time, works by ceramic artist Takuo Nakamura, who embodies Kanazawa crafts with free interpretations, and other artists deeply connected with Kanazawa will be exhibited to express the dignified elegance of winter.

Guests can enjoy original cocktail and dessert that perfectly complement the works on exhibit at ART Lounge. In the evening, powerful images with a motif of the exhibition works will be projected on the 30-meter-high wall.

Park Hotel Tokyo General Manager Yoshiaki Hayashi said:
“This exhibition features Takuo Nakamura, well-known even overseas, as well as other artists related to Kanazawa. A selection of works portraying both modern and traditional Japanese elements blends into the modern hotel space.”

Park Hotel Tokyo Art Project Director Yoshitomo Fujikawa said:
“This is an exhibition of Kanazawa’s sense of aesthetics which brings everyday life and beauty closer together. Please enjoy the elegance of winter in Japan.”

Park Hotel Tokyo hopes to present guests with the aesthetics of Japan to help them understand Japanese culture.

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