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Japanese miso manufacturer “Marukome” produces organic miso powder in collaboration with model Miranda Kerr

| Foods and Drinks News, News | 07/30/2017

Japanese company produces organic miso powder in collaboration with model Miranda Kerr

Date: July 20, 2017
Source: Sora News24 By Oona McGee

If you asked Japanese people on the street to name one of their favourite models from overseas, chances are that Australian beauty Miranda Kerr would be on that list. Kerr’s good looks have been used to advertise everything from handbags to jewellery and even fat-shedding tea in Japan, and now the love affair continues, this time with a collaboration with Japanese miso soup paste producer Marukome.

Miranda Kerr

Kerr has joined up with Marukome to produce two types of organic miso powder, which are set to go on sale at supermarkets around Japan from the end of August. Just yesterday, the company unveiled a commercial for the products on YouTube ahead of the new release.

Take a look at the video below.

While the new collaboration will be a surprise to many, Kerr has actually promoted Marukome products in the past, making a number of appearances for the company in Japan just last year. Now they’ve further strengthened their working relationship, with the 34-year-old model providing her personal input into the creation of the new powdered miso products.

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