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Shiba Park Hotel in Tokyo will be held the Setsubun Mame-maki Festival at Zojoji Temple on Feb 3(Sat), 2018

| Events, JPOP and Culture Events & Expo, Tokyo Events & Expo | 01/10/2018

Setsubun Mame-maki Festival at Zojoji Temple

Shiba Park Hotel in Tokyo to Hold “Setsubun Mame-maki” Festival at Zojoji Temple

Date: Jan 10, 2018
Source: Shiba Park Hotel

Shiba Park Hotel in Tokyo announced on January 10 that it will hold an event on February 3 to observe a “Setsubun Mame-maki” festival at Zojoji Temple. The event is designed to allow guests from overseas to experience and enjoy Japanese culture and customs.

“Setsubun” literally means “the division of seasons” marking the last day of winter. In Japan, “mame-maki” is a custom in which people throw beans at their house to drive evil away.

At the event, hotel staff will introduce the “setsubun” custom, and escort guests to Zojoji Temple to observe the Setsubun Mame-maki festival. Guests at Shiba Park Hotel are welcome to join the event without any fee.

Shiba Park Hotel President Rentaro Yanase said:
“‘Setsubun’ is an important day as the financial year starts from spring in Japan, and we pray for happiness in the year. I hope that guests will become familiar with ‘setsubun’ culture through this event.”

Japanese Culture Salon SAKURA Manager Yuka Inoue said:
“We hope to enjoy the event together with guests, share the ‘setsubun’ custom, and pray for their safe trip in Japan and back home.”

Shiba Park Hotel hopes that guests will enjoy experiencing Japanese seasonal culture, and their experience will last as an unforgettable memory of their visit to Tokyo.

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