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Shiseido, a Japanese Cosmetics Maker, Announces Make-up & Hair Trends for Autumn / Winter 2018

| Beauty & Fashion, News, Tokyo News | 09/04/2018

Autumn/Winter 2018 Hair Trends 02 - Shiseido

Autumn/Winter 2018 Makeup & Hair Trends

Date: Aug. 6, 2018
Source: Shiseido Co., Ltd.

Shiseido Beauty Creation Center*1 has been engaged in research on beauty trends*2 to forecast future trends in makeup and hairstyling since 1987. The Center comprehensively analyzes the results of on-street surveys, fashion magazine tendencies as well as information on international fashion shows, among other sources, to predict the newest hair and makeup trends. This time, we introduce the latest looks that are expected to be in vogue this autumn and winter.

First thing to recommend for autumn/winter 2018 is “color layered” styling. You can express your mood and individuality and enjoy color coordination by either bringing together colors in the same hue family or applying contrasting, spicy makeup.

Trend analysis by hair & makeup artists

SNS and Japanese fashion magazines in spring/summer 2018: Women who are “sexy but uncoquettish”
The center analyzed the contents of 21 women’s magazines published between January and May 2018 in Japan and seven major SNS platforms to find out the trends in makeup and hairstyling.
It revealed that words such as “sexy,” “uncoquettish,” “feminine” and “well-liked” were the keywords in this period.
In 2017, “healthy” image was sought after, but this year, words that convey a strong image such as “spicy” also became popular besides “sexy.” Strong and independent women appear more attractive,which is a clear shift from the previous trend: women who look frail.

More variations in eye makeup and lightweight, nuanced hairstyling on the streets
The Center conducted an on-street survey on makeup and hairstyling in April 2018 with 300 women (in their 20-30s) in Tokyo, and the results showed more varieties in makeup and hairstyling than ever.
Speaking of makeup, we witnessed a rich diversity reflecting individuality. In particular, color variations in eye makeup increased,and women seemed to enjoy layering multiple colors. More women apply makeup that fits their mood or go for colors that suit them best, instead of just following the trend.
As for hairstyling, nuanced styles are becoming popular. You can create a lightweight, airy atmosphere with natural nuances that look like your own curls. Medium-length hair, between chin and collarbones, is still well accepted, and on top of that, hairstyles with bangs were often seen on the streets this year.

International fashion favors a mix of elements and “strong women”
As we analyzed the trends at international fashion shows for autumn/winter 2018, we could see that one significant characteristic for this coming season was hybrid, mixed styling, which consists of various elements, and “strong” as one of the keywords. The collections again brought up an image of a powerful woman with a strong personality, like someone from 1980s. At the same time, they presented stylings with a bit of “twist” instead of something straightforward, such as romantic and frail images with a hint of strength beneath, or strength cleverly expressed with an airy, full-volume silhouette.

Autumn/Winter 2018 Makeup & Hair Trends

Layering your favorite, comfortable colors for makeup

  • Stylish eye-makeup with color layering!
    Women are more likely to enjoy color coordination this autumn and winter. Layering similar colors for eye makeup is this season’s trend. Here, we create a soft feminine look by applying pink eye shadow and eyeliner in lavender. As for the eyebrows, finish with clean, refined lines, matching with eye makeup.

  • Glossy skin with smooth and natural blush!
    The point is in brightening the skin tone with color-correcting base makeup and applying the foundation very lightly so that you can create a natural glossy look, like bare skin.
    Choose trendy brown or cassis color for blush and apply softly for a natural look, as if glowing from within.

  • Lipsticks in rosy shades are well-liked. Change the color to fit your mood!
    Rosy shades are still favored. Feel free to try various colors and textures reflecting your mood. You can choose a color close to that of your eye makeup, or go for a different one to add an accent.

Casual look with refined short hair

  • Neat short hair, a good match for voluminous clothes
    Oversized dressing has been popular in these few seasons. Long hair looks too bulky and somewhat dowdy with voluminous fashion. So go for shorter haircuts to keep a good overall balance. Many women these days have medium-length hair, between chin and collarbone, but short lip length is also worth trying. Short hair creates a positive image and good hair texture helps add some sophisticated air.

  • Casual natural styling
    Don’t go for a particular styling; aim for an effortless, casual look. Finish with natural curls of your original hair texture and create a relaxed look. If you have thick, voluminous hair, men’s styling foam helps a lot.

Makeup tip for a more stylish finish

  • More fun with makeup! Stylish makeup to be one step ahead.Apply beige eyeshadow and blue eyeliner, contrasting colors in makeup.

Artist’s Profile

TOMOMI SHIBUSAWA (makeup artist)
Shiseido hair & makeup artist. Member of the Beauty Creation Center.
Drawing upon experience in domestic and overseas collections (Tokyo, New York,Paris), she plays an active role as a hair and makeup artist for advertisements and PR activities for brand SHISEIDO. Also acts as a lecturer at the hairdressing and makeup school, SABFA*3.

JOJI TANIGUCHI (hair stylist)
Shiseido hair & makeup artist. After working at a hair salon, he has been active in hairstyling for domestic and overseas fashion shows and photo sessions.
He was also involved in the product development of Shiseido UNO and its usage information, etc. He won the Grand Prix, Newcomer of The Year at Japan Hair dressing Awards in 2015.

Model’s makeup

Color layered makeup

  • Skin:

  • Blush:

  • Eyes:
    MAQuillAGE Dramatic Styling Eyes D RD312
    SHISEIDO Kajal Ink Artist 02 Lilac Lotus(to be released on September 1, 2018)
    SHISEIDO Imperial Lash Mascara (to be released on September 1, 2018)

  • Lip: MAQuillAGE Dramatic Rouge P RD455

Mode makeup

  • Skin:

  • Blush:
    SHISEIDO WHIPPED POWDER BLUSH 04 Eiko (to be released on September 1, 2018)

  • Eyes:
    MAQuillAGE Dramatic Styling Eyes D OR311
    SHISEIDO Kajal Ink Artist 08 Gunjo Blue (to be released on September 1, 2018)
    SHISEIDO Imperial Lash Mascara (to be released on September 1, 2018)

  • Lip:


*1 Shiseido Beauty Creation Center
With approx. 40 hair & makeup artists, the center focuses on color creation for hair and makeup products for Shiseido’s promotional advertisement and public relations activities, and also provides backstage support for fashion shows such as Tokyo, New York, and Paris collections, disseminating the latest trends in fashion globally.

*2 Shiseido’s research on beauty trends
Shiseido started its research on beauty trends in 1987, and since then it has been working on beauty and fashion trend analysis to predict the future of beauty. Taking advantage of its in-house hair & makeup artist team, Shiseido takes unique approaches, presenting elaborate makeup and hairstyle images, keeps one step ahead in forecasting new trends and reflects them into product development and marketing.

It stands for Shiseido Academy of Beauty & Fashion. Operated by Shiseido to nurture professional hair and makeup artists. Since its foundation in 1986, SABFA has been fostering various top artists who are active in a variety of fields such as advertisements, TV ads, fashion magazines, and fashion shows, and also offer comprehensive beauty support as beauty experts at beauty salons, etc.


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