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Aichi Prefecture, with its convenient location at the center of Japan and its rich regional resources, has formed the nation’s heaviest industrial concentration. In terms of industrial output, Aichi has topped the list in Japan for 35 consecutive years since 1977. It has thus played a leading role as a driving force behind the development of the Japanese economy.

KITAGAWA Industries Co., Ltd. - Products

KITAGAWA Industries Co., Ltd. – Providing a variety of compone...

KITAGAWA Industries Co., Ltd (KG). A global technology group providing high quality for life's amenities through "Symbiosis & Collaboration" The high pace...

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Takasago Fluidic Systems - Products

Takasago Fluidic Systems – A leading manufacturer of valves, p...

Having developed in excess of 5000 different valves over 50 years, Takasago has established itself as a leading manufacturer of valves, pumps and other fl...

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Fuji Kihan Co., Ltd. - Special Surface Treatment

Fuji Kihan Co., Ltd. – Our surface treatment makes longer prod...

Shot particles used in traditional shot peening treatment need to be hard and large in order to heighten the effect. On the contrary, Fuji Kihan has succe...

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AiHO Corporation - Rice Cooking System

AIHO Corporation – Manufacturing of Cooking Machines and Kitch...

We are business kitchen appliance manufacturer. Established in 1953 as an automobile parts processing company, AiHO has transformed in 1957 to be a limit...

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Taisei Plas - CS Resonator 01

Taisei Plas Co., Ltd. – Manufacturing of blow molding products...

Taiseiplas celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010. For the past 50 years, as a professional group of the blow molding and to meet the variety of the nee...

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Prospec Holdings Inc. - Solar Panel - Taiwan 2

Prospec Holdings Inc. – Solar Power Generation Business

Prospec Holdings, a systems integrator, provides a one-stop shop for everything needed to run a solar power generation business, from consulting through c...

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FAIN-Biomedical Inc. - EVE

FAIN-Biomedical Inc. – Comprehensive Endovascular Surgery Simu...

Simulating Vascular Diseases Treatment The result of 20 years of joint research between engineers and physicians, the Endovascular Evaluator is a tai...

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Aiya Co., Ltd. - Organic Matcha

Aiya Co., Ltd. – We’ve been producing the organic matcha...

What is AIYA brand? AIYA is Japan's leading Matcha tea producer. Matcha is the most exciting discovery of the 21st century's modern tea world. Created ov...

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Nippon Sharyo Ltd. - Manufacturing Process Shinkansen 02

Nippon Sharyo, Ltd. – Manufacturing Railroad Vehicles For More...

Nippon Sharyo Ltd., has been manufacturing railroad vehicles for more than 110 years. In addition to extensive penetration in the domestic Japanese market...

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Sumiya Bunjiro Brewery Co., Ltd. – The Brewer of Sanshu Mikawa...

Our company has been brewing mirin in our factory in Mikawa, Aichi prefecture since 1910, produced traditional recipe and carefully aged for two years. We...

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MORI SEIKI :5-Axis/Multi-Axis Machines

DMG Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. – Being the No.1 Machine Tools Compan...

Being the No.1 Machine Tool Company for Customers. That Is Our Global One Mori Seiki has always been supporting the basis of manufacturing as one of the ...

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Yamazaki Mazak: Intergrex i-100

Yamazaki Mazak Corporation – Industrial Machine Manufacturing

Yamazaki Mazak supports manufacturing industries all over the world with corporate philosophies of "Advanced products," "Total Solutions," and "Global Sup...

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Otoufu Factory Ishikawa: Tofu Products

Otoufu Factory Ishikawa Co., Ltd. – Soybeans Food Manufacturer...

Ishikawa makes tofu and processed tofu products and is expanding its business with selected tofu products and original sweets made from bean curd lees. Is...

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MARUHON GOMAABURA (Sesame Oil) – 288 Years of History

Gamagori city in Aichi prefecture faces Mikawa Bay and is situated between Atsumi and Chita peninsulas. It is blessed with mild weather and the delicacies...

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Takemoto Oil & Fat 01

TAKEMOTO OIL & FAT CO., LTD. – Chemicals and Sesame Produ...

Business Lines: Sesame Products for Food (edible) Industry Taihaku Sesame Oil Taikou Sesami Oil Pure Sesame Paste Click here for more d...

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SEKISUI NANO COAT TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. – Textile Manufacturer

SEKISUI NANO COAT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Applied original processing technologies of fabric and film materials to interiors, materials, and electronic mate...

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Maruya Hatcho Miso 01

Maruya Hatcho Miso Co., Ltd. – Miso Manufacturer

Maruya Hatcho Miso Co., Ltd. Produces hatcho miso bean paste by traditional methods, passing the traditional taste and culture to modern society Since...

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HOTTA JAPANESE DRUM SHOP – Japanese Traditional Drum Manufactu...

HOTTA JAPANESE DRUM SHOP Japanese drum maker that handles the complete production process of drums for shrines, temples and festivals Company Outline:...

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NANZAN-EN TEA CORPORATION – Japanese Tea Manufacturer

Matcha (powdered green tea) is a kind of green tea that has been ground to a fine powder, and it is famous for being used in the tea ceremony. It has rich...

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Exhibitors from Aichi

[Inbound Business EXPO Japan 2017] “Japanese style worship unit of the assembly type” – Toyohi Kasei Co., Ltd. / AM Project
[Inbound Business EXPO Japan 2017] “Japanese style worship unit of the assembly type” – Toyohi Kasei Co., Ltd. / AM Project
Toyohi Bussan Co., Ltd. / AM Project exhibited “Assembled style […]
Wed, Feb 01, 2017
Exhibitors from Aichi

[JAPANTEX 2016] sangetsu × 3 ARTISTS – 株式会社サンゲツ
[JAPANTEX 2016] – Sangetsu Corporation
Sangetsu Corporation exhibited the “sangetsu × 3 ARTISTS” at JAPANTEX […]
Mon, Nov 28, 2016
Exhibitors from Aichi

Japanese Tea to Shake “Haruka” – Jatecx.co.,ltd.
Japanese Tea to Shake “Haruka” – Jatecx.co., ltd.
Jatecx.co.,ltd. exhibits Japanese Tea to Shake “Haruka” in Tokyo Cafe […]
Sun, Nov 20, 2016
Exhibitors from Aichi

2014 new straw hat series – Nakashima Co., Ltd.
2014 new straw hat series – Nakashima Co., Ltd.
2014 new straw hat series – Nakashima Co., Ltd. For more […]
Thu, Nov 17, 2016
Exhibitors from Aichi

Gas circulation blower for steam “4 mechanical seal type pressure-up blower” – ANLET,Co.,Ltd.
Gas circulation blower for steam “4 mechanical seal type pressure-up blower” – ANLET,Co.,Ltd.
Gas circulation blower for steam “4 mechanical seal type pressure-up […]
Thu, Nov 17, 2016
Exhibitors from Aichi