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The Coolest-Looking Capsule Hotels Outside Japan

| Products & Services, Reports | 07/15/2017

The Coolest-Looking Capsule Hotels Outside Japan
Date: Jul 11, 2017
Source: kotaku.com By Brian Ashcraft

The first capsule hotel in the world opened in Osaka, Japan in 1979. Since then, capsule hotels have not only spread to across the country but around the world. Here are some of the coolest-looking ones that aren’t in Japan.

The general concept of Japanese capsule hotels and their foreign counterparts is the same: these are cheap, functional places to sleep.

Since trains do not run 24 hours a day in Japan, capsule hotels became a place for businessmen to crash if they missed the last train while out drinking. Originally for men only, many Japanese capsule hotels now cater to a wider range of folks, especially foreign visitors keen to have a unique sleep experience.

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