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Original Metal Forming Process Technology Which Creates the Face of the Shinkansen Bullet Train

| Reports, Vehicles & Transportation | 05/02/2013

Yamashita Kogyosho Craftsman

Original Metal Forming Process Technology Which Creates the Face of the Shinkansen Bullet Train with a Single Hammer
News Source: The Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award

In 1964, the year in which the first Olympics in Asia were held, the Shinkansen bullet train, dubbed the “super-express train of dreams,” began operation. On October 10th of that year, the first 0 Series Shinkansen Hikari 1 left Tokyo station with its uniquely streamlined lead car. This face was created by the skilled craftsmen of Mr. Yamashita and his associates, with one hammer.

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How big is the biotech industry in Japan?

| Science and Technology Reports | 04/12/2013

Bioindustry in Japan

How big is the biotech industry in Japan?
Source: JETRO: BIO2013

The biotechnology industry occupies an important position in 21th century Japan. The industry was valued at 2.75 trillion yen (appox. $ 34.5 billion USD) in 2012.
The current of open innovation promotes the growth and activities of Japanese biotechnology companies (currently over 500) and the growth of their licensing out of contracts.
The competitiveness of the Japanese biotechnology industry is largely underpinned by the country’s high share of biotechnology patents filed under PCT and the high amount of biotechnology R&D expenditures in the business sector.

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Japanese air purifiers are big in China

| Products & Services, Reports | 02/22/2013

sharp logo

Sharp Joins Panasonic in Surge of China Air-Purifier Sales
Article Source: Bloomberg by Naoko Fujimura & Mariko Yasu

Sharp Corp. and Panasonic Corp., Japanese electronics makers struggling to recover from record losses, are boosting sales of air purifiers in China as pollution worsens in the world’s most populous country.

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Eco-Friendly Building Demolition In Japan

| Green & ECO Business Reports, Reports | 01/25/2013

Tokyo's Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka

Razing skyscrapers from the inside
High-rises slowly vanish as new techniques ditch demolition crews
Article Source: The Japan Times

Strolling around central Tokyo, many marvel at the skyscrapers going up and wonder what the new buildings will look like and who their tenants will be.

On the other hand, very few really pay attention to the buildings that are coming down.

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TOTO who Japan high-tech toilet maker eyes global throne

| Products & Services | 01/12/2013

TOTO Washlet G500

Japan high-tech toilet maker eyes global throne
Written by: Kyoko Hasegawa – Nov. 19, 2012

HONG KONG, Nov 19, 2012 (AFP) – They are found in more than two-thirds of Japanese households and visitors to the country have marvelled at their heated seats, posterior shower jets and odour-masking function.

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Dentsu Announces “2012 Hit Products in Japan”

| Ranking | 12/26/2012

Dentsu Announces “2012 Hit Products in Japan”

Smartphones topped the list for the third year in a row

Dentsu Inc. announced today the release of its “2012 Hit Products in Japan” report. Produced as part of a series that has been chronicling hit products since 1985, the latest report examines and generalizes major trends that represented the consumer mindset in 2012. It is based on an Internet survey of Japanese consumers carried out in November 2012 by Dentsu Marketing Insight.

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