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| Events, Tokyo Events & Expo | 09/10/2013


Date : October 24(Thu) – 26(Sat), 2013
Time : 10:00am – 17:00pm
Venue : National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Location : 2-3-6 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Website : www.dcexpo.jp/?lang=en

Digital content has flourished alongside advancements in computer technology. In addition to furthering progress in the game and anime industries, advances in digital content have provided new avenues for artistic expression and given birth to new culture. Furthermore, related technologies such as computer graphics and virtual technology have not just helped to further the growth of the digital content industry, but have also been utilized in a wide-range of fields such as medicine and biotech.

DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO is an international event intended to shape the future of this industry five or ten years into the future as well as promote the exchange of the latest information between participating researchers, creators and businesspeople active in this field.

Building a bridge for digital innovation

While the stars of the show at most sales promotion expos and trade fairs are the new products on display at each festive exhibition booth, at DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO the spotlight is focused on prototype systems and technology so new that it is still in the R&D stage, far from being ready to be turned into a product. There are not a few pieces of technology which have been created in research laboratories and universities only to disappear off the face of the earth without ever being turned into a product. When a piece of technology fails to make it out of the product phase it is often said to have become trapped in the “valley of death.” Overcoming this valley requires that those residing on both sides have frequent exchanges and build a bridge to make crossing possible. DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2011 will bring together under one roof many of the cutting-edge technologies of the world. By thinking about the possibilities of technology from the perspectives of researchers, businesses and creators, and showing society the latest innovations, the Expo will work to build a bridge over the valley of death.

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