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Japan Display to Build $1.4 Billion LCD Plant in Ishikawa Pref.

| Ishikawa News, News, Science and Technology News | 03/07/2015

Japan Display Inc. Announces Plans to Build New G6 LCD Fab to Satisfy Growing Demand for Advanced Displays
Date: Mar 6, 2015
Source: Japan Display Inc.

TOKYO, Japan, March 6, 2015 – Japan Display Inc. (“JDI”) today announced that it has decided to build a new Generation 6 (G6) LCD manufacturing fab in Japan to satisfy growing demand for ever-advancing displays (the “Project”). Details of the Project are as follows.

1. Reason for the investment
Given expected future growth in demand for displays JDI has decided to build a new G6 LCD fab to expand capacity to meet the higher demand. JDI’s LCD capacity will increase more than 20% in total by this Project.

2. Overview of the new fab

Location Hakusan-City, Ishikawa Prefecture (tentative)
Production line Generation 6 LCD panel fab / 25,000 sheets per month
Total capital expenditures Approximately 170 billion yen is estimated, including land, building and production equipment.
Capital funding JDI cash flow and other receipts. JDI does not plan equity or debt finance for the Project.

3. Schedule

Resolution at Board of Directors meeting March 6, 2015
Planned commencement of production at the new fab 2016

4. Impact on JDI’s financial forecasts
The financial impact of the Project on JDI’s FY2014 financial forecast is minor, There is no change to the forecast announced on November 13, 2014.

Further information about the fab location and the seller of the land and other details will be announced immediately after the completion of a purchasing contract.

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  1. Japan Display to build new plant
    Date: Mar 6, 2015
    Source: NHK World

    Japan’s leading global supplier of small- and medium-sized displays will build a new 1.4 billion dollar plant to produce advanced LCD panels.

    Japan Display was established 3 years ago by integrating 3 LCD units from Hitachi, Toshiba and Sony to manufacture small- and medium-sized LCD panels for smartphones and other products.

    The company says demand for smartphones is expected to rise in India and other emerging economies, in addition to industrialized countries. The new plant will be constructed in the city of Hakusan on the Sea of Japan coast, central Japan.

    The display maker plans to use technologically advanced equipment at the factory and start production for high-quality smartphones by the end of 2016. The global market in small- and medium-sized displays is becoming increasingly competitive.

    Japan Display hopes the new plant will increase its production capacity by 20 percent and help expand its share in the global market.

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