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Japanese Luxury Cruise Train “Seven Stars” Makes First Appearance

| Transportation News, Travel and Tourism News | 09/13/2013

Seven Stars

Kyushu Railway unveils luxury sightseeing train
Date: Sep. 13, 2013

A railway operator in Kyushu, southwestern Japan, has unveiled a luxury sightseeing train that will debut next month.

The Kyushu Railway Company, known as JR Kyushu, held a ceremony on Friday to mark the completion of the “Seven Stars“.

President Koji Karaike said each of the train’s cars is decorated with artwork by master craftsmen and their sophisticated pieces will surprise passengers.

The train is painted with dark red and thin gold lines. All but one of the sleeping cars has 3 cabins for 2 people.

Each cabin has a shower and a toilet with washbasins made of locally produced Arita porcelain. The lounge car has a piano and a bar.

Eiji Mitooka, who designed the train, says he wanted to make the “Seven Stars” comparable to the Orient Express. He also says he hopes people regard the train in the ranks of the legendary international express.

Kyushu Railway will start 2-day and 4-day tours to major tourist destinations in Kyushu on October 15th.

The charge for a 4-day trip is as high as 5,700 dollars per person. Tours are fully booked until next June.

About Cruise Train Seven Stars in Kyushu
Cruise train booklet available for download

Japanese Cruise Train

Japanese Cruise Train

Japanese Cruise Train

Japanese Cruise Train

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  1. Japan launches luxury Seven Stars train with $11,000 suite
    This sightseeing service will wind its way through the southern island of Kyushu, stopping by huge volcanoes and relaxing hot springs.

    This Seven Stars design illustration by Eiji Mitooka

    Date: October 11, 2013
    Source: CNET – by Tim Hornyak

    Japanese trains are known for their punctuality, speed, and safety, especially when it comes to bullet trains. Comfort and convenience, yes. Luxury, not so much.

    But regional railway JR Kyushu has launched a deluxe passenger service where a ticket for two can cost as much as $11,500.

    The seven-car Seven Stars is a “cruise train” that will shuttle around the volcanic southern island of Kyushu starting October 15 while pampering its passengers.

    A highlight of the all-suite service is the end car’s Deluxe Suite A, a 226-square-foot room that boasts a 5-foot panoramic window overlooking the track behind the train.

    Its appointments are comfortable, though perhaps not extravagant. However, when booked for two people for a four-day, three-night journey, the suite costs about $5,750 per person. It’s already fully booked through next June.

    That’s only an introductory offer. From July, the price will go up to about $7,835 per person for double occupancy.

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