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Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation announced contributed product to Japanese industry

| Awards and Honors, Products & Services, Reports | 06/23/2014

Japan Innovation - Manga and Anime

Japan’s top technology innovations selected
Date: Jun 22, 2014
Source: NHK World

Instant ramen, the Shinkansen bullet train and Manga animation have been selected as some of Japan’s greatest technological innovations since the end of World War Two. The Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation has so far selected 38 technologies that have contributed to industrial and economic growth…as well as the overall improvement of life in Japan.

Hybrid cars and a toilet wash system are also among the top-ten innovations. With the first batch recently announced, the organization plans to select the remainder of the 100 greatest innovations.

Top scientists, economists and other leading experts came up with the list based on a questionnaire from the public. In addition to the top-10, 28 innovations made before and during Japan’s rapid economic growth were selected.

Among the innovations of a bygone era, are cathode ray tube televisions, fasteners for clothing, automatic ticket gates, karaoke, and sushi served on a conveyer belt.

Source: Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (Japanese)

Top 10 Innovation from Public Questionnaire

From “End of World War II” to “Rapid Economic Growth”

Year Innovation Name
1948 Fishfinder
1949 Welding Block Construction Method
1951 Ferrite (magnet)
1952 Fastener
1953 Steel Mill
1955 Electric Rice Cookers
1955 Transistor Radio
1956 Koshihikari (Rice)
1958 Sushi
1958 Kumon Method (Math and Reading Educational Method)
1958 Kei Car (Small Vehicles)
1958 Honda Super Cub
1959 Yamaha Music School
1962 Apple “Fuji”
1964 Artificial leather
1964 Electronic Calculator
1965 Rice Transplanter
1967 Karaoke
1967 Automatic Ticket Gate System
1968 Flexible Structure
1968 Automated Mail Processing Equipment
1969 LNG Importing
1969 Quartz Watch
1960s CRT TV
1960s-1970s Desulfurization, Denitration, and Precipitator
1972 Scanning Electron Microscope
1973 CVCC Engine of Honda Civic
1974 Convenience Store

The list include some foreign items.

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