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World Pastry Chef Susumu Koyama Showcase New Chocolate at Salon du Chocolat Paris 2017

| Events, Foods and Drinks Events & Expo | 09/28/2017


Susumu Koyama, Top Prize Winner in C.C.C. Contest for 6 Straight Years Since 2011, to Announce “SUSUMU KOYAMA’S CHOCOLOGY 2017” at Salon du Chocolat Paris

Date: Sep 28, 2017
Source: Patissier es koyama

SANDA, Japan, Sept. 28, 2017 — Susumu Koyama, owner and chef of “Patissier es koyama” in Sanda city, Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan, will announce a new selection of chocolate products titled “SUSUMU KOYAMA’S CHOCOLOGY 2017” at the world’s largest chocolate exhibition, Salon du Chocolat 2017, that is scheduled to kick off in Paris on Saturday, October 28.

The theme of this latest selection is “DISCOVERY — Never-ending trip to pursue cacao.” Top four products, selected from among 50 chocolate products that Koyama has produced through numerous discoveries he has made thanks to his enthusiasm about the pursuit of cacao and other materials, will be presented at the upcoming event. Among them, “HARU — Rouge et vert (Fraise & Fukinoto) –,” which represents Japan’s spring, will likely draw particular attention from visitors.

This will be the seventh consecutive year that es koyama has displayed its chocolate products at the Salon du Chocolat since 2011. Under the theme, “Chocolat et Cacao: la Grande Aventure!” (“Chocolate & Cacao: Great Adventure”), Koyama will have demonstrations of his shop’s products as well as a seminar. Moreover, 26 types of new products will be on display at es koyama’s booth (C16). SUSUMU KOYAMA’S CHOCOLOGY 2017, a set of four pieces of chocolate, will be on sale at its booth. Furthermore, newly produced chocolate products can be bought separately. Shop officials say they hope that visitors will drop in at its booth.

Comment by Susumu Koyama

“I continually made discoveries regarding cacao and other materials over the past year. As I have gained experience and grown as a chocolatier, I have felt changes in my own viewpoint and feelings about cacao and other materials. Furthermore, the quality of materials has undergone changes through my continuing relationship with suppliers. I can’t help but get excited when I think about my lasting journey to pursue cacao and various encounters with many people. I hope visitors will enjoy my new chocolate products, which represent a culmination of discoveries I made over the past year.”

es koyama creations you can experience during the 23rd Salon du Chocolat

– Time/date: 10:00-19:00, Oct. 28 (Sat.) – Nov. 1 (Wed.)
– Pre-opening event: 18:00 Oct. 27 (Fri.)
– Venue: Porte de Versailles, Pavilion 5, Stand C16

1. Pastry show (Live demos by top chefs)
The potentials of cacao that can be felt through the chocolate show — When oil-based couverture changes to soluble chocolate
– Time/date: 11:00 to noon, Saturday, Oct. 28
– Details:
Visitors can enjoy tablet and ganache chocolate products as well as chocolate-based drinks made from a single chocolate product. Those who try these products will certainly learn that the taste of chocolate products deepens if they are changed from oil-based products into soluble ones, and feel the potentials of cacao.

2. Chocosphere (Conferences)
Discovery — Susumu Koyama’s New Creations 2017 —
– Time/date: 15:00-15:45, Sunday, Oct. 29
– Details:
Six types of newly produced bon bon chocolate, including four Koyama submitted for the C.C.C. contest, will be presented. Through this event, Koyama will convey to visitors the ideas and creativity with which he produces new chocolate products as well as his thoughts and feelings behind his creations.

3. es koyama booth (C16)
Twenty-six types of bon bon chololate, which Koyama produced in 2017, will be on display in a showcase at the es koyama booth, providing visitors with the only opportunity to buy es koyama’s chocolate products outside Japan.

NO.1 HARU ~Rouge et vert(Fraise & Fukinoto)~

The flavor of fresh “fukinoto” (butterbur sprout) harvested before blooming and the mildly sweet-sour taste of strawberries are mixed into two-layer ganache. The product allows those who eat it to enjoy the mixture of flavors of materials harvested in spring. While the “Fukinoto” chocolate product that was submitted for the 2012 contest had bitter taste, in producing HARU — Rouge et vert –, Koyama paid close attention to harmony between the mildly sweet-sour taste of strawberries and the natural flavor of fresh fukinoto harvested on the outskirts of Sanda, Hyogo Prefecture.

NO.2 Arbre des Dieux ~Lindera~

Arbre des Dieux — Lindera is a chocolate product that has the elegant flavor of Lindera umbellata known as a “divine tree.” Koyama achieved his long-cherished goal of producing chocolate products containing the flavor of Lindera umbellata by infusing the tree’s branches and leaves taken during the time of a new moon in fresh cream and mixing oil extracted from the tree into the product.

NO.3 YUZU ~Touche de chaleur avec piment d’Espelette ~

YUZU — Touche de chaleur avec piment d’Espelette — is a “yuzu” (Japanese citrus)-based praline whose splendid flavor is impressive. Those who try the praline will gradually feel the flavor of spicy Espelette pepper as well as the sour taste and flavor of yuzu for a while after eating it. They will then feel the mild flavor of Almond Praline. By peeling the surface skin of yuzu that is as thin as 0.1 millimeter and processing it into powder, Koyama succeeded in creating such a highly unique chocolate praline.

NO.4 San Martin ~Voyage sans fin en quête du cacao~

Cacao produced in San Martin, Peru, is known for its fruity taste. Its flavor, just like that of cranberries, reminds people of softer mangoes and apricots. Moreover, those who taste chocolate products made from San Martin cacao will also feel nutty and deep aftertaste. Those who eat this mild chocolate product after tasting the highly spicy piment d’Espelette praline will find the feelings of your mouth drastically changed. es koyama will present San Martin, which has the strongest potential power, as “the last chapter” of this event based on Koyama’s belief that his “journey to pursue cacao will continue forever.”

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