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Apply to the Washoku World Challenge The 6th Competition! – For professional Japanese cooking chefs in the world

| Events, Foods and Drinks Events & Expo, Osaka Events & Expo, Tokyo Events & Expo | 09/11/2018

Washoku World Challenge The 6th Competition - Logo

Washoku World Challenge The 6th Competition: Dive Deeper into the World of Japanese Cuisine

Date: Sep 10, 2018
Source: Washoku World Challenge Executive Committee

TOKYOThe Washoku World Challenge is a cooking contest in which Japanese cuisine chefs from all over the world compete in technical expertise and passion for Japanese food. The contest, in its 6th year, is organized by the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, for non-Japanese chefs.

To widen the door for chefs like you to share your love for Japanese cooking, this time we will be holding qualifying tournaments in five cities worldwide (Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Osaka). The six chefs who pass the qualifiers will be invited to the final tournament, to be held in Tokyo on January 28th and 29th, 2019. Don’t miss to make check this battle!

Official Site: http://washoku-worldchallenge.jp/6th/en/
Check latest news on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WashokuWorldChallenge/

If contestants advance to the qualifying tournament, they will:

  • Be able to participate in Japanese cooking seminars by leading Japanese cuisine chefs
  • Have the chance to apply for the Certification of Cooking Skills for Japanese Cuisine in Foreign Countries (Bronze)

If contestants advance to the final tournament, they will:

  • Be invited to the final tournament in Japan, with travel expenses paid for
  • Be able to participate in Japanese cooking training seminars in Japan

Application Outline:

  1. One nimonowan (with five ingredients) reflecting the UMAMI and IRODORI themes
  2. One assortment of five Japanese appetizers which reflects the UMAMI and IRODORI themes

Application Process:

  1. Application document screening
  2. Qualifying Tournaments in 6 cities worldwide
  3. Final Tournament in Tokyo

How To Apply: http://washoku-worldchallenge.jp/6th/en/apply.html

Regional qualifying tournaments

1st Stage: Application Screening (Deadline for entry)

  • Europe: August 15th
  • US: August 23th
  • Asia region 1: October 19th
  • Asia region 2: November 5th

2nd Stage: Qualifying Tournaments

  • Paris: September 13th
  • New York: September 21st
  • Los Angeles: September 24th
  • Bangkok: November 20th
  • Osaka: December 6th

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