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Airweave, Japanese bedding maker announces new model “airweave Mattress Advanced” with DUAL MODE technology

| Aichi News, News, Sports and Health News | 06/13/2018

airweave - Mattress Advanced Airfiber

Innovative Japanese Mattress Brand Introduces The Airweave Advanced

Date: Jun 12, 2018
Source: airweave inc.

NEW YORK, June 12, 2018Airweave, the leading bedding brand of Japan, announces the launch of its latest mattress model to the US market, the Airweave Mattress Advanced. The experience is designed to satisfy a wider range of customers’ needs while still offering Airweave’s signature support and breathability which is scientifically proven to provide a deeper, more restorative sleep compared to traditional foam mattresses.

The Airweave Mattress Advanced is a modular mattress featuring customizable enhancements to adjust firmness.

Airweave was founded on the need for a mattress that could provide proper support and spinal alignment that traditional mattress materials could not satisfy. From this need, the proprietary airfiber® material was created — a highly resilient interwoven resin fiber with free airflow for unparalleled support and temperature control. Through world-class scientific research and consumer feedback, Airweave has made technical advancements to its airfiber® material and the design of each product over the course of ten years. Airweave continues to disrupt the industry with the Airweave Mattress Advanced.

Benefits of the Airweave Advanced

  • Personalize Your Comfort:
    The Advanced comes with three airfiber® blocks: two regular firmness, and one DUAL MODE. Airweave’s DUAL MODE technology allows users to select their firmness level simply by flipping to the regular or firm side. Use the optional pillow top layer for added softness. The components are secured with an inner and outer cover.

  • Easier To Move, Easier To Clean:
    Carry and clean with ease thanks to the Advanced’s lightweight and modular design. A great feature for frequent movers and a nod to the traditional Japanese futon which is designed to be easily stored when not in use.

  • Longer Lasting & Sustainable:
    Enjoy Airweave for a lifetime by easily replacing parts rather than having to buy (or throw out) your entire mattress. A win for customer’s wallet and the environment.

  • A Better Mattress In A Box:
    Airweave’s unique airfiber® material cannot be compressed like the typical bed in a box. But by dividing the mattress into customizable parts, we now can offer a better sleep experience AND fast & easy shipping. Assemble within minutes, and it’s ready to sleep on. No wait time for the mattress to fully expand and no off-gassing period.

You can purchase their bedding products link below.

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