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Hyogo Prefecture has a broad spectrum of industrial clusters from heavy industries and SMEs with outstanding technologies and expertise to locally based industries. Big businesses with competitive edge in the global market and various surrounding manufacturing companies have been driving the prefectural economy.

Patissier es Koyama - Store Front

Susumu Koyama’s Sweets Stores – Patissier es Koyama

Patissier es Koyama is a sweets specialty store opened in Mita city, Hyogo prefecture in 2003 by Susumu Koyama, recipient of a variety of sweets of the wo...


Manufacture and Wholesale Meat Products – S Foods Inc.

S Foods Inc. (formerly Stamina Foods Inc) founded in Hyogo prefecture, Japan in 1967, manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, and food servicing meat-rela...

Itoham foods - logo

Japan’s Meat Processor – Itoham Foods Inc.

Itoham Foods Inc. founded in 1928, manufactures, processes, and sells meat products such as fresh meat, processed meat and sausage products. The company i...


Specializes in Pigments, Nanotechnology and Photosensitizer Compound...

Fuji Pigment started developing chemical products specializes in producing red organic pigments in 1938, and Fuji Pigment Co., Ltd. was established in Hyo...

ASICS Men\'s Gel-Kayano 24 Running-Shoes

Japan’s leading sporting goods manufacturer – ASICS Corp...

In 1949, Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka, founder ASICS, began his athletic footwear company (Onitsuka Co., Ltd.) by manufacturing basketball shoes in his home tow...

NS-K Komenuka Bijin Moisturizing Hair Shampoo

Popular cosmetics “Komenuka Bijin” is born from brewing ...

As a pledge to commemorate our 120th year since inception, we at Nihonsakari have released a new official slogan: “Even more delicious, even more beautifu...

Wagyu (Kobe Beef) Supplier - Kobe Isoda Farm Inc.

Excellent KOBE Beef (Japan Premium Wagyu) Supplier – Kobe Isod...

About Kobe Isoda Farm We supply premium Japanese beef (Wagyu) such as Kobe Beef, Tajima Beef and Kakogawa Beef to the world. Based in Hyogo's Tajima r...

Sail Canvas Bags

Japanese Traditional Sail Canvas Bags – Matsuemon ho

Strong & Fashionable Bag Used Japanese Traditional Sail Canvas Matsuemon ho(mast of a sailing vessel) was developed by Kuraku Matsuemon who was born in T...

EDAMAME MIX is Steam Organic Beans

Edamame Mix – Steamed Organic Beans Products. Good for Vegan t...

You can purchase this product from online below. Steamed Bean and Edamame Snack Mix by Maruyanagi Foods EDAMAME MIX is steamed, not boiled. Steaming...

Shinoda Plasma - SHiPLA 02

Shinoda Plasma Co., Ltd. – Development of super-large and slim...

Screens have become increasingly larger and thinner in recent years and power consumption has increased, accordingly. In addition, the large size of their...

TOA Corporation: PTZ Camera Systems 02

TOA Corporation – Manufacturing Premier Audio and Security Pro...

TOA Corporation is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and distribution of premier audio and security products. TOA Corporation was founded in Kob...

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. - Aircraft

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. – Aircraft, Special Purpose Truck, ...

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. has five divisions consisting of: Aircraft, Special Purpose Truck, Fluid, Parking Systems, and Industrial Machinery Systems. Ea...

Sysmex: Automated Hematology Analyzers

Sysmex Corporation – Global Leader in Automated Hematology Dia...

Sysmex Corporation is the global leader in clinical hematology analyzers, information systems and services. Our hematology analyzers meet the high standar...

Nishiyama Shuzojo Kotsuzumi

NISHIYAMA SHUZOJO CO., LTD. – Sake Manufacturer

Nishiyama Brewing has produced sake from locally grown rice and natural water for over 160 years. Its facility, in Hyogo Prefecture, is registered as a ta...

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Exhibitors from Hyogo

[7th COSME Tech] Heatless package of cardboard and film “Show wrap” – Daihatsu Paper Industries Co., Ltd.
[7th COSME Tech] Heatless package of cardboard and film “Showrap” – TAIYO SHIGYO Co., Ltd.
TAIYO SHIGYO Co., Ltd. exhibited the heatless package “Showrap” of […]
Thu, Jan 26, 2017
Exhibitors from Hyogo

Steamed Beans and Boiled Beans
Product presentations about Edamame Mix at Winter Fancy Food Show 2017
Maruyanagi Foods Inc.’s staff, Ken introduced a new product “Steamed […]
Thu, Jan 26, 2017
Exhibitors from Hyogo

Edamame Mix at Winter Fancy Food Show 2017
Edamame Mix at Winter Fancy Food Show 2017
Maruyanagi Foods exhibited steamed organic beans products “Edamame Mix” at […]
Wed, Jan 25, 2017
Exhibitors from Hyogo

[JAPANTEX 2016] いろはな – 極東産機株式会社
[JAPANTEX 2016] – Kyokuto Sanki Co., Ltd.
Kyokuto Sanki Co., Ltd. exhibited the “Irohana” at JAPANTEX 2016. For […]
Mon, Nov 28, 2016
Exhibitors from Hyogo

[JAPANTEX 2016] Salon de TOLI 伝統と未来をつなぐおもてなし空間 – 東リ株式会社
[JAPANTEX 2016] – TOLI Corporation
TOLI Corporation exhibited at JAPANTEX 2016. Their slogan was “A […]
Mon, Nov 28, 2016
Exhibitors from Hyogo

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